Flahavan’s Jumbo Organic Porridge Oats is a high-quality organic product with rich flavor and pleasant texture. Jumbo oats are uncut and rolled, resulting in a hearty and creamy bowl of porridge for a delightful breakfast.

You can prepare Flahavan’s Jumbo Organic Porridge Oats with water, milk, or your preferred toppings. Either way, you will enjoy a bowl of rich and wholesome flavor and carefully grown oats’ texture. Jumbo Oats can also be used in home baking to make Flapjacks, Muesli, or Granola.

Flahavan’s Oats are produced in the middle of Ireland. Their unique, family-style recipes give each of their products a unique and rich taste and texture. Grown on rich soil, in a perfect climate for growing oats, away from the city, manufactured according to the highest quality standards, Flahavan’s Oats have been trusted and loved for more than 200 years.


100% Organic Jumbo Oats.

Nutritional Information:

Each serving of Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats (40g) contains:

  • Energy: 148kcal
  • Fat: 2.6g
  • of which saturates: 0.4g
  • Carbohydrate: 25g
  • of which sugars: 0.4g
  • Fibre: 4.4g
  • Protein: 4.9g
  • Salt: trace


What Makes Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats So Special?

  1. Made with 100% Wholegrain Oats:

Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats are made with 100% wholegrain oats, which means that you're getting all the nutritional benefits of the oat grain. Whole grains are a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and can help lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

  1. Organic and Sustainably Grown:

Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats are organically grown, which means that no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are used during the farming process. This not only makes the oats better for the environment, but also for you as they are free from harmful chemicals.

  1. Jumbo Oats for Texture and Flavor:

Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats are made with jumbo oats, which are larger in size than regular oats. This gives them a unique texture and flavor that's perfect for a hearty breakfast that will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

  1. Versatile and Delicious:

Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats are a versatile breakfast cereal that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Whether you prefer them hot or cold, with milk or yogurt, or with your favorite fruits and toppings, the delicious taste and texture of these oats is sure to satisfy.

How to Enjoy Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats:

There are many ways to enjoy Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats, including:

  • Add hot water or milk and microwave for a quick and easy breakfast
  • Cook on the stove with milk for a creamier texture
  • Add fresh fruit, nuts, or seeds for added flavor and nutrition
  • Use in baking recipes, like oatmeal cookies or muffins



If you're looking for a high-quality and delicious oatmeal option that's packed with whole grains and organically grown, look no further than Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats 1kg, imported from the UK. With a unique texture and delicious flavor, these jumbo oats are a great option for a satisfying and healthy breakfast any day of the week. So why wait? Try Flahavan’s Organic Jumbo Oats today and discover why they are one of the UK's most popular breakfast cereals!

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