Creamy, fresh and tangy, Crème Fraîche is the answer to cravings for a little bit of luxury. French for "fresh cream," it is a heavy cream that has been slightly soured with a culture, similar to sour cream. This Crème Fraîche by Double Devon of England is much milder and sweeter than sour cream, and it has a silky smooth texture. Since its fat content is higher than that of sour cream, it can be fluffed up into a lightly tangy whipped cream to complement fresh fruits. Its lower protein content keeps it from curdling when cooked.

Crème Fraîche is delicious whipped with powdered sugar and vanilla. It can be ladled over fresh berries, or used as a dessert topping or sweet filling for crêpes. But Crème Fraîche is not just for breakfast and dessert. It blends well into savory soups, pasta dishes and casseroles, and adds richness and body to sauces. It also makes a good substitute for mayonnaise in dips, especially a creamy blue cheese dip with a healthy dash of pepper

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