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Fox's Golden Crunch Creams. 230g

Every Day Low Price: $4.95

Irresistibly crunchy and stacked with cream, 
Crunch Creams are everyday biscuit royalty.
You’d better grab one quick; a packet of this family favourite never lasts for long.

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Tony (alabama) 5/3/2008 1:12 PM
With the biscuit part of this snack being so crunchy, and the cream part being soft in the middle the combination of textures makes these great for those people who just can't eat a biscuit by biting it (you people know who you are!) - you can easily pull the top biscuit off the sandwich with your teeth and eat the second layer on its own, or even scrape the cream off with your teeth before eating the second biscuit in the sandwich! Alternatively these biscuits are great to dunk in your tea - the fact the biscuit is crunchy makes it withstand a good dunking before it dissolves and falls into your mug! The creamy centre melts slightly when you dunk it and adds a delicious taste to your tea too!
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