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Frank Cooper's Original Oxford Marmalade Coarse Cut Seville Oranges. 454g/1lb

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The Original Oxford Marmalade is directly descended from Sarah Jane Coopers 1874 Recipe, made using Seville oranges to deliver a robust coarse cut marmalade with real bite. The perfect choice to wake up your taste-buds in the morning.

A brand for true marmalade and conserve connoisseurs, Frank Cooper’s Marmalade is a traditional, premium Marmalade brand for people who enjoy robust, distinctive flavours - even our Queen has admitted enjoying the marmalades for breakfast!

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Nearly the Best Marmalde in the World
Tony Thomas (Abingdon UK) 6/1/2013 10:53 AM
Without doubt Frank Cooper make the best marmalade in the world. But it's not this one. Great though it is. The Original is essential if you are a beginner in your search for the best British marmalade. It is packed with rich Seville oranges, more fruit than any other marmalade, and a bit less sugar. I love the marriage of bitter sweet caramel and chunky orange. Toast is not toast without it, and breakfast too is incomplete without this vital ingredient.Once you've savoured this delight you're ready to move on to the ultimate classic - Oxford Vintage. THE best marmalade in the world
Ruben P. Mendez (Riverdale, New York) 11/18/2009 12:21 AM
My wife and I first tasted Frank Cooper's Original Oxford Marmalade during breakfast at the United Oxford and Cambridge Club. My wife is a marmalade connoisseur. She and I both loved it. Not too sweet, has a slightly tangy flavour, and comes in slices/morsels -- not like the run-of-the-mill marmalades that are so over- processed that they smack of gelatin.
Perfect breakfast....
Jane (Medway, MA) 1/22/2009 5:32 PM
The ultimate marmalade. A full one pound of robust Seville oranges and sugar - the perfect end to a great British breakfast. Better then my Mum made!
Bitter is Better
Beowulf (Newton, MA) 10/30/2008 4:37 PM
I discovered this marmalade at Durrants Hotel, in London, and spent the next five years searching for it in Boston. Every few years, it seems to disappear and I try all of the alternatives. None work. Seville oranges seem to appear at the beginning of the year. And it may be that Cooper's gets sold out. In any case, Cooper's marmalades (there are several versions, all good) have the bitter taste that comes only with Seville oranges, and a fair (but varying) amount of bitter orange peel.
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