Batchelor’s Traditional Marrowfat Peas are mature-sized, flavourful peas, perfect to accompany your favorite meals. These carefully gathered peas are brought fresh from the fields and are larger. They had been dried and ready for you to prepare in your own sauce.

It takes several simple steps to cook Batchelor’s Traditional Marrowfat Peas. To get the whole rich and delicious taste, you need to soak peas for 12 hours before cooking. Then you can put them into the boiling water for about 20 minutes, drain and serve with salt to taste. Traditional Marrowfat Peas go well with savory dishes. Add it into your favorite vegetable mix or make it into a side dish for roasted or cooked meat to add fresh and rich flavor and bring a whole new spirit to your dinner.

Batchelor’s is an Irish company producing a wide range of canned goods such as beans, peas, and pulses. Launched in 1935, Batchelor’s has been providing mouth-watering, refined, home-style meals made with high-quality products and great care. Their success lies in unique recipes, especially in their famous secret sauce that wins the generations’ hearts even today.

Batchelor's Traditional Dry Marrowfat Peas.200g/7oz