12 Individual bags of treat sized buttons! Perfect for stockings, lunches, or giving out to your little ones!

Introducing the delightful Cadbury Dairy Milk Treat Size Buttons, a scrumptious pack of chocolatey goodness that promises to bring joy to your taste buds! Brought to you by Cadbury, this 170g pack of Treat Size Buttons is a must-have for all chocolate enthusiasts.

Dive into the velvety smoothness of Cadbury Dairy Milk, crafted with the finest ingredients and the creamiest milk chocolate. Each button is perfectly sized to create a delectable bite, allowing you to savor the rich taste of Cadbury in every mouthful.

These delightful Treat Size Buttons are perfect for sharing with family and friends during gatherings, parties, or as a delightful surprise in lunchboxes. The pack's convenient size makes it a delightful on-the-go snack for whenever you need a chocolatey pick-me-up.

Indulge with confidence, as Cadbury Dairy Milk Treat Size Buttons contain no artificial colors, providing a more natural and wholesome treat for everyone to enjoy.

Cadbury has been crafting chocolate perfection for generations, and these Treat Size Buttons are a testament to their commitment to quality and taste. Embrace the magic of Cadbury and experience the joy of British confectionery excellence.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to this delightful Cadbury Dairy Milk Treat Size Buttons pack and immerse yourself in the goodness of smooth, creamy chocolate. Order yours now and embark on a chocolate-filled journey that will leave you wanting more. Let the deliciousness of Cadbury Dairy Milk Treat Size Buttons brighten your day and make every moment a delightful treat.

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