Flahavan’s Jumbo Organic Porridge Oats is a high-quality organic product with rich flavor and pleasant texture. Jumbo oats are uncut and rolled, resulting in a hearty and creamy bowl of porridge for a delightful breakfast.

You can prepare Flahavan’s Jumbo Organic Porridge Oats with water, milk, or your preferred toppings. Either way, you will enjoy a bowl of rich and wholesome flavor and carefully grown oats’ texture. Jumbo Oats can also be used in home baking to make Flapjacks, Muesli, or Granola.

Flahavan’s Oats are produced in the middle of Ireland. Their unique, family-style recipes give each of their products a unique and rich taste and texture. Grown on rich soil, in a perfect climate for growing oats, away from the city, manufactured according to the highest quality standards, Flahavan’s Oats have been trusted and loved for more than 200 years.
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