This beautifully crafted soft toy Dorgi is a wonderful gift for many special occasions. Crafted with love, the Dorgi has a gorgeous tan coat and light-coloured chest. The airbrush detail on its ears helps to make the toy look as realistic as possible. Delight a loved one with a toy to be cherished for a lifetime.

Dorgis are designer dogs, a cross between purebred Dacghshunds and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. These small dogs have hunting and herding ancestry, being energetic, alert and courageous. 

Dorgis are extremely friendly and faithful companions, showing a genuine and keen interest in participating in every activity or task their owners partake in. 

Your Dorgi won't mind keeping watch and guarding your house and family, and he will bark to let you know that something is amiss.

Fast Fact 

They are the shortest herding breed in the world.