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Ribena Blackcurrant Concentrate. 600ml/21 fl oz

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Good for you - good taste
Jane Holl (Medway, MA) 9/11/2008 10:35 AM
The best quality blckcurrant drink available. We use this as a standy for coughs and colds. Even my Chinese son-in-law was raised on this in Hong Kong. Just makes you feel better. yum!
Wow, it tastes so good.
Jackie (Clifton Park, NY) 7/12/2008 11:13 AM
A richer taste and thicker consistency after diluting, it actually sits in your glass with a real blackcurrant colour (Purple/red for those of you who don't know) rather than a watered down appearance like other brands. It doesn't settle at the bottom of the glass so mixes well with water. It doesn't bubble of froth on top so you always get a perfectly smooth, rich, tasty glass of Ribena Blackcurrant Squash. It quenches thirst very well and is very refreshing on a really hot day. I am never dehydrated as long as I have my bottle in the cupboard. Whenever I feel run down or poorly I drink even more of this perfect blackcurrant drink as its rich in vitamin C so it will help boost my immune system.
Donna Parsons (Harrisville WV) 6/3/2008 7:16 PM
There is nothing in the world like Ribena. I grew up on it and I was always telling my children how great it was. In 2000 I took my children to visit relatives in England and my kids got to experience Ribena for themselves. Now they are just as hooked on it as me. It is especially nice hot (like tea) for a night time drink or when you have a cold. The vitiman C helps make you feel better. If you've never tried this, please, please do yourself a favor and try it. Just remember that it is very concentrated so you can adjust how sweet it is by adding more water to it.
Barry (Newtown Sq, PA) 5/9/2008 1:18 PM
Never has the world created such a beautiful and rich beverage as the drink known as Ribena. The original is the best, simple as that. An essential beverage served warm if you're feeling a bit under the weather.....smooth. Also very pleasent on a hot day when mixed with lemonade and ice cubes......nice. Only downside is that it cost about 3 times as much as Robinson's Blackcurrant, but hey, you only live once.
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