Bisto Powder Box. 200g/7oz

Bisto Gravy Powder is an original gravy powder made for homemade gravy that has been a Bisto staple since 1908! This single box of gravy contains browns, thickens, and seasons all in one packed with flavor and smooth texture. This box of Bisto Gravy Powder includes 7 ounces of powder, easy to mix and prepare. Simply mix 4 teaspoons of this Bisto powder with 30ml of cold water to create a smooth paste and gradually add 250ml of water along with any meat juices and stir until thickened. Simmer on low heat for 2 minutes, and voila! It is ready to be served and enjoyed. Bisto brings that Aah! To your favorite home-cooked meals.

Bisto has been the nation’s favorite gravy provider and an enormous part of family mealtimes since 1908! Bisto provides a deliciously versatile range of gravy, seasoning mixes, and sauces to enhance and make your home-cooked meals extra special! Each unique taste for every occasion, from comforting midweek meals to celebratory roasts.