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Dear Goodwoods:
May I just say how pleased I always am to receive my orders from you?
My mother ordered from a sweet shop in London. She purchased 12 bags of her favorite sweets. It was fairly expensive with postage and the cost of the sweets.
When they arrived, the expiration date on all the packages was all the same and was expiring in 2 weeks. 
I HAVE NEVER had this issue with you. Your sweets are always fresh with an expiration date that is far enough in the future that I don’t have to worry about eating two bags a day to beat the expiration date.
Thank you for being my store to count on.
P.S. My mother will now be ordering from you exclusively!! She finally listened to her daughter:). Thanks again.
Christine P
I just received the first box from you. Many thanks for the care and attention paid to packaging. Can't wait to receive the easter eggs when they become available.
I will never buy my English stuff from Amazon again. 
Thanks again,
My order arrived yesterday and was very well packed as usual. Thank you. Also thank you for the lovely Christmas card inside the box… It was a great treat.
Merry Christmas to all the staff.
Sandra L.

Just received my order, just want to thank you for my little
taste of home. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
Vivienne B.
Good afternoon to you all.  I would like to thank you all for doing a
splendid job in sending out my order.  The second part of the order came
today.  I am so pleased as some of the lovely "British Goodies" are
going to be sent to my son who is stationed aboard.
Many thanks for your store and your service I am truly a firm customer
of yours.  Happy Christmas and healthy and wonderful 2023.
Margaret B



I wanted to let you know that the frozen sausages order  arrived still frozen!! My neighbor picked them up for me and put them in her freezer. We were both surprised as they’d been in transit a while.

Anyway, thanks for your great service & Merry Christmas !!
              Gillian W


     I want to thank you for shipping these out so quickly. They arrived today in great shape.  Thanks for helping make my brother in laws memorial service a little more memorable.  It is much appreciated by me and the family!

    Thanks so much!


    Happy Thanksgiving!  I remember cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with and for friends when I spent a year at the University of Aberdeen.  Turkey, stuffing, and bagpipes!  Great memories!  Thank you for bringing back great food memories of my time in England and Scotland!
    Denise K
    Our order came very quickly and was very well packed.
    Sandra L.

    Just got it ! It was packed great - Thanks so much xxxxx
    Sue F. 

    I received my order today.Just had a steak and kidney pie.They are quite good.Just wanted to tell you.
    Agnes S.
    Thank you so very much, and so well packed. All in perfect condition.
    Paula P.


    Many thanks, in good order. Love this new packaging!
    Roger D



    I received the order and it’s all still Frozen. 😊



    I recieved my order of pickled onions and have to thank you for such an amazing shipping job! Thank you very much!

    Patricia J 



    Thank you so much for your excellent service, Many Thanks.

    Irene D.



    Thank you so much, I received my box yesterday with everything great. I sure did enjoy a piece of my Victoria Sponge last evening.  😊

    Thank you again,



    was received safe and well this afternoon. Contents were perfect, thanks a bunch from one happy Brit in Katy.
    Tony B
    Just to thank you for fast service, much appreciated!
    June H.

    Thank you so much!


    Arrived safe and sound in 104 degree heat!

    All still fully frozen!

    Thank you!

    Will shop again!    😊

    Moe K.



    Received my package yesterday!  Was packaged perfectly and in excellent condition.  I can hardly wait to try some of the goodies.

    Thank you so very much!

    Maggie J
    Thank you. Very well packaged and everything arrived in perfect condition, excellent service.
    Denise T


    Hi British Market,

    Received my package yesterday and apart from the goodies it contained, I wanted to compliment whoever did the super job of packing the box.
    The three glass jam jars were individually wrapped in bubble wrap, surrounded by extra packaging. The other items were also securely padded
    and placed in the box.  The care given to the packaging was surprising but much appreciated.  

    Thanks to all.  

    Elizabeth A.

    I wanted to reach out and firstly say a huge thank you.  You guys at Goodwoods go above and beyond for your customers and it is so very much appreciated.

    You are all doing an incredible job during these trying times.

    Lastly, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year! 🎅🎄

    Kind Regards

    Joanna T


    Thank you very much.  You are all doing a great job and your all appreciated.  Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!


    Andrea M

    Hello. I just wanted to say Thank you to everyone who works there for always being so helpful when I call or message.
    All you ladies have been very patient when I call with questions regarding orders and orders are dealt with very efficiently.

    Thank you again


    I received my first order and I am thrilled . I have always said in business it’s the little things , the packing was good and the Christmas card was a lovely touch !
    Thank you,  I am going to be a returning customer

    Thank you Jane for your prompt answer - that will work perfectly thanks as far as my dates are concerned.

    Thank you for your usual excellent service and I look forward to ordering again soon.

    Pete M

    The package was received a short while ago in excellent condition. You do a wonderful job of packing!
    Thanks for your help.


    That’s fine thank you so much for being so responsive. Your great customer service in difficult times is impressive. 


    Thankyou so much as I appreciate all that you do and you are the best.
    Patricia M.

    I am so happy to do business with you as your company is the best,  Thankyou,
    Patricia M.

    Just received although it sat outside in 90 degree weather, items are still perfectly frozen....
    so excited to try this weekend thanks guys job we'll done!
    Elizabeth L

    Thank you for your help with adjusting my order, all arrived today beautifully. 

    The crumpets and jam are absolutely delicious. 


    Michael S

    Good Morning Alix,
    This is Andrea,
    I am just writing to tell you that I received my dry goods and frozen foods.
    I appreciate your outstanding customer service and wanted to say thank you
    for making my orders right after Fed Ex fell through with their initial delivery’s.
    I look forward to doing more business with you soon.
    Andrea S 😊  


    I ordered on Sunday and had my “goodies” Tuesday lunchtime.  I call that good service.  Thank you for helping me have a taste of home.

    Anita S.

    Just a quick note to thank you - just received my second shipment today - this time the dry goods.  I’ve already been enjoying some of my frozen items. 

    I want to compliment you on the care that’s used to wrap items in preparation to ship them, which explains why they arrive safely. 

    I also want to thank you for your courtesy in assisting me when I‘ve called with questions. You’ve clearly got a great group of helpful people on board.

    I plan to enjoy all of my nostalgic goodies.

    Wishing you continued success in your business. 

    Thank you again,

    Anne C.

    Good Morning,

    I just wanted to let you know that my package arrived.   
    But thought I would let you know that it came with one side soaking wet.   
    Luckily the contents were not affected due to your wonderful packing.   
    I have informed  FedEx.

    Janet W.


    Dear Alix,

    This is so kind of you!
    You have restored my faith in human nature.
    Thanks to you and Goodwoods British Market I plan to have a very happy birthday!

    My family here and in the UK are cheering for you!

    We all liked your video on what's on the shelves in your store:
    well done!




    This is a big thank you for all your services to us.
    Parcel arrived today in excellent condition thank you very much and I hope you had a great easter.

    Peter D

    Sensible prices. Good variety. Despatched quickly and GREAT PACKING.
    Robert in Virginia.

    Hi Alix.

    Normally at a company there the high ups...such as the CEO, CFO Managing director, Manager, office staff and at the low end of the scale there are the guy's. women, girls, people (didn't want to get into trouble) who pack whatever the company produces...Now from experience of having packages arrive from some companies, bashed about, leaking, unfrozen, late and in some cases pieces missing, I have great respect for whoever packed my sausages.

    My valuable package of Cumberland sausages was sent at 12.56.p.m. on Tuesday 23rd February and was supposed to arrive before 8.00.p.m.on the 25th February. Now I know that you've been having a bit of a chilly spell with no or unbelievable prices of electricity if you had any, no water, no food and couldn't go anywhere due to snow drifts.....I can only imagine as I live in southern Arizona. valuable Cumberland sausages arrived at 1.00.p.m. today, which was 48 hours after shipping. I was a bit worried that my future full English breakfasts were going to consist of toast and marmalade...but upon opening the package I did a dance around the kitchen (no you don't want to see this) when I found that each package had been individually wrapped in butcher paper and was still frozen. One of the dry ice packages had thawed but the other one was still half frozen.

    So what I'm getting at, is that the people who get the least this case the people who pack the produce with care, need to be recognized as ambassadors for the British Market, because without them I would be dreaming of Toad in the Hole, Bangers and Mash and sausage sandwiches.

    Thank you for sending them and I'll be ordering more when the time comes.

    Douglas D



    Order arrived on time as usual,
    I would like to thank you and your company for what you do for us brits not at home.
    Peter D.

    Order received!! Very pleased with everything including how well it was packed!!

    Patricia C.

    Our order arrived just now!
    First thing, my daughter ran off with the Green Tea with Jasmine and boiled the kettle. 
    My son just finished popping the bubble wrap,
    and I'm getting out the toaster--Marmite and marmalade!  Crisps for supper!

    The arrival of a Goodwoods box brings so much joy to our house! 

    Your service is impeccable and the products are wonderful! 
    Your employees are so helpful, and friendly, too!
    Thank you so much for bringing us the goodies we love!

    Denise K


    You are always my 'first choice' when ordering our British goodies.

    I hope you and your family/staff are well.



    Thank you this order was received in perfect condition and very swiftly. 
    My first order but certainly wont be my last.  Great products which will be much enjoyed.

    Joy B



    My Farmhouse Fruit Cakes arrived today in good condition and in record time and they are great,
    I have never found anything like them in the U S.
    When I lived in England [Weymouth] we used to have a Granny Cake.

    Thank you.

     Sydney M

    Thank you so much for sending this out.
    What a lovely surprise to get this package before Christmas. 



    To my friends at the British Market . 
    Your wonderful order has arrived and I must thankyou for everything as the order was perfect. 
    I am so happy that I have found you and can not wait to order in the New Year. 
    Perhaps you will send me and email with your Easter order.
    I will be looking forward to order with you. 
    Everyone I have dealt with and even your staff on the phone are so great. 
    It makes me feel a little closer to England.  

    Happy and Healthy New Year and please be safe. 
    Thankyou for your Christmas Card.  

    Happy Christmas,
    Sincerely, Patricia M

    Good morning!  Fedex dropped off my order just now.  First, your packaging was amazing! 
    Everything arrived in perfect condition.  My husband loves the Christmas crackers, yes, but I think his favorite thing in the box was the bubble wrap. 
    A lovely young woman from your company called me as you were packing the box last week to ask me about the Quality Street Advent Calendar. 
    Apparently it was the last one and there was a problem with it.  Would I still want it? 
    Yes, because it's for me to eat the candy. 
    Well, your quality control must be insanely picky--I can't find a thing wrong with it!  

    Since it's the Fifth, I can open five of the doors, right? 
    I'm sharing, though, and I'd forgotten how yummy the Quality Street candies are.  

    I am always so pleased with my purchases from your wonderful store, but I'm especially pleased today. 
    Boiling the kettle now to try my new tea.

    My husband is still enjoying the bubble wrap. 🤣

    Thank you!!

    Denise K

    Thank you for the update. 

    I just received my order and wanted to thank you. 
    It was beautifully packed and everything arrived in excellent condition. 

    Sorry that you were not able to ship the Cheeselettes. 
    They were my favourite when I lived in England. 

    Thank you again, 

    Rosaline S F 🎅

    Stay safe 

    Pleased to report our order arrived at lunchtime today in first class condition.

    Thanks and all the best.   
    Derek T

    You guys/gals are awesome!
    Thank you!!!

    Keely J

    Dear All,
    I will have to say I am so pleased with your great 'shop' This was my second order through you and I am so pleased. 
    This order just arrived and everything was still frozen solid, packed very well and is now in my freezer waiting for family to come. 
    Also my order before (4015011) came in great timing and also packed very well. 
    I will continue to order through you. 
    Thank you in stocking some great bits and pieces from my homeland.
    Best wishes and stay healthy,
    Margaret B

    My order arrived safe and sound . The items were packaged very well so
    there was no breakage.
    Thank You so very much.
    RoseMary E

    My recent order was carefully packed and arrived in good order.
    Thank you.
    Elise D

    Dear Alix,
    I have ever faith in you and your fantastic company.
    And the choices you make for all us lucky customers.
    Thank you for letting me know,
    I shall just look forward to shopping with you again when you do restock.
    Wishing you all the best as always ,
    Jonathan B, a very happy customer!!

    It is a pleasure doing business with you.
    The help that you gave me when I had trouble ordering on my computer was wonderful.
    I will be ordering from you from now on, and I am so happy that I found your British Market. 
    It makes me feel a little closer to my England. 
    Thank you,
    Patricia M

    Thank you!!  You’re the best!
    Best regards,


    Just thought I would send you this email, to say thank you for the splendid job you did in making up the box of goodies for  my son Andrew
    He was delighted, and it  arrived on time for his birthday, his wife said everything was all lovely wrapped and he was like a 42 year old kid in a sweetie shop,
    finding things from home he loved.
    We used to live in The Woodlands and often used your shop.I will use you again and Thank you


    I just made my parents and son the sausage rolls and we all rolled our eyes.
    Thank you for taking us home for a few bits there.
    You have a great business
    Hope your having a mega weekend

    You are the best and I will always order from you.  
    Thankyou for your hard work and stay safe ..
    Patricia M

    Just got my frozen order delivered today! 
    Am thrilled!! 
    Will be referring you to my sister Sheri and also my niece in Arizona,
    as they will def want to order from you guys!
    Barb W


    Just wanted to say thanks for the great service,
    I used to be a regular customer and am now so happy to be back.
    The Chipolatas and Bacon were great, so were the Pork pies.
    The goods arrived frozen solid in well packed cooler.
    The non frozen goods were packed as well.
    We live in Annapolis from London but also like Conroe.
    Cheers and stay well.

    Hi Richard
    I'm so sorry I missed your calls yesterday. 
    I did call this morning but you were busy.
    I did speak to Alix regarding my order who seemed to know everything that was going on,
    she was really nice, sweet and super helpful,
    she let me know that my package should be here tomorrow
    so I have my son looking out for it.
    Please let her know that I'm extremely grateful for everything she did.
    I just want to say thank you so much to yourself and your team
    for going above and beyond to help fix my mistake.
    I appreciate all your help. :)
    Thank you again
    Louise W

    Thank you all so much for my first order in a long time,
    everything was packaged wonderfully and came very quickly.
    I will be ordering again really soon.
    I am telling all my British friends about you all.
    That flat rate postage is fantastic.
    There is no where close in New Mexico that sells British food,
    so I am so thankful for you guys.
    God bless stay safe.
    Olive McB

    Oh thank you so much,
    I am sick of this town,cannot get anything,
    thank goodness for Goodwoods.
     Mrs L

    “I am in California and I have been buying from you for a few years now,
    and at last you have a decent frozen pie and sausage roll.
    Your Goodwoods brand is really very good and I am glad at last I have products from you I can rely on.
    You should have done this sooner !!”

    Thank you, great customer service as usual
    Ann A

    Please dont worry as you are the best..  
    I am so happy that I have found the British Market.  
    Will let you know when the order arrives.  
    Thankyou, Patricia M

    I received my order yesterday.
    Everything is always packed so well.
    I appreciate your contacting me about the Haggis.
    It's for my daughter and she was happy that it was lamb.
    Thank you and please stay safe in these troubling times.
    Judy M

    Hi Alix.
    Just received my scones and I am truly delighted.
    Cannot wait to have one with a nice cup of my Fortnum and Mason tea!  
    Stay healthy and happy in this current wacky time!
    Thanks  again.
    Ron M

    I should like to add to my initial comments.
    Since my first order I have reordered twice along with 2 drop ships to friends.
    Goodwoods have exceeded my expectations with every order I have placed.
    Total Brit Ex.Pat comfort food during these trying times we are all going through,
    Steak and Kidney pies in fact all pies are fantastic
    Cheers John P.
    Village lad from Otford in Kent

    Just placed my second order,
    so impressed with the excellent quality and taste of everything in my first order.
    Absolute Ex. Pat comfort food in these trying time.
    Very Sincerely
    John P
    28 May 2020
    Grew up in Otford in Kent. (Garden of England)

    Goodwoods Team Members
    To all of you who process, pack and ship orders, well done!
    My order arrived this morning, and once again I'm impressed with the speed and the wrapping and efficient packing of items.
    Thank you for your care and attention.
    Frances L

    Received my first order today.
    It was packaged beautifully, glass jars double wrapped, chocolate bars wrapped.
    Thank you very much.
    I hope to stop in person next time I am in the Houston area,
    and I will bring a cooler for all those yummy looking pies, sausages and cheese!!
    Janice O

    Just received my goodies.

    I am sooo happy.
    Just want to say a HUGE thank you for such an efficient and lovely service.
    Will certainly be back

    Hi there, my order arrived yesterday and the contents were still frozen.
    I just wanted to thank you for your help and to let you know how much I appreciate your help and great service
    Many Thanks
    Ellena J 🙂

    So many thanks for your personal help and attention.
    I'm now better equipped to weather my self-isolation during these trying times!
    Take care, stay safe and stay well.

    Just wanted to say how pleased I was with my recent transactions.

    Have never received a delivery which was so beautifully packed.
    Hope you can maintain your business long enough for me to patronize you in the near future.
    Good Job and Good Luck!
    Anne B

    Really nice to chat with you Richard, lovely thoughts of North Wales! 
    Forgot to mention how much I enjoyed your photo of Prince Charles with attenuate message, lovely chuckle for the day!
    Stay safe!
    Heddwch (that means Peace in Welsh!).

    Jacqueline (Jaqui)

    Order arrived! Lovely stuff - thanks!!!
    Phil O

    Hi Team, received my frozen order on time and very well packaged....great job,
    Thanks and stay safe !

    Herb and Deb A..


    Hello Alix,

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the help over my Easter Egg orders. 
    The Eggs arrived at the 'new' addresses safely. 
    I added in a new order for me and my husband since our trip to England at the end of the month is now cancelled.
    And I didn't want to not have a chocolate egg on Easter Day! 
    So am delighted to have received ours. 
    Plus I added in an extra one for an English colleague and he was thrilled to get his favourite egg that he used to have as a boy!

    Our latest 'care-package' arrived safely today. 
    I am very impressed by the careful packing. 
    Also very happy to get the Waitrose Jaffa cakes - a special favourite.

    Thanks again - just wanted to know how much we appreciate the folks at Goodwoods!


    Eileen B



    The order arrived today, & was very well packaged.  

    Thank you for such excellent customer service!

    Please stay safe & well!

    Leigh S


    Hello all,

    I just wanted to say thank you! My girlfriend, (who is from Derby, UK) absolutely loves y'alls products! She said everything tastes just like home!

    I just wanted to say thanks for making her so happy and we will definitely be purchasing more goodies in the future!



    P.S. I'm from Kingwood, Texas so next time I take a trip to visit my parents, I will visit your storefront in Spring!

    Hello Richard,
    Many thanks for your phone call and message.
    Sorry we were out today and had to go through an area where it’s very hilly and no cell phone service.
    That’s fine about the Credit. No problem! You are right I haven’t ordered any frozen food for a long time, 
    I can see how the packet got mixed up, they do look very much the same. You guys are the best. Thanks so

    much for your very quick response, really appreciate the British Service. Take care you guys! Lorraine 🇬🇧🇬🇧🍺🍺


    I purchased your Sausage Rolls and I’m very satisfied. I bought them because I’d heard a lot about sausage rolls but I’ve never had an authentic English sausage roll. The taste and texture of the sausage was great. The pastry was flaky and buttery. They seemed a little small but I air fried them (350°f for 18 mins) and they cooked up great, as you can see from the attached photo. Thanks.


    Michael K.


    You guys are awesome!

    Many, Many Thanks for you help and advice today, Alix,

    It is very much appreciated,

    All the best,

    Paul and Laura.

    Hello again,

    All is well with my goodies, thank you for checking up on them.
    I didn't even hear them deliver the package, they must have crept in on tip toes!! 
    My dog always barks when someone comes to the door but she missed this one.
    Again thank you. I can't wait to eat, trouble is which one to eat first.
    Regards, Barbara


    Thank you so so much!!
    My family has been ordering from you for years -
    we really appreciate what you have in stock
    Sarah H

    Your site and company are absolutely marvellous!

    I have one feature I would love to see implemented.
    It would be great if I were allowed to make a favourites list of products I like but not quite ready to order.
    A wish list so to speak. Not a cart but rather list of products from which I can select when placing an order.

    When it is time to place an order I could choose from my personal favs list.
    In this way, there is a continuity and extended relationship between us.

    Best regards and keep up the good work;



    Hi there,

    First of all, thank you so much for our recent frozen foods delivery, your company was highly recommended to us via a FB page for British Expats
    and I have been more than pleased with the service and the items received. 
    I did post on FB our goodies and gave a great review, someone else was asking for websites to order foods from
    and I gladly recommended your site.

    I look forward to purchasing more items from you very soon,

    Many thanks

    Nikki M

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 8 years we’ve lived here.
    8 years of missing our birth nations best goods. 
    Yes we’ve tried other companies with there inflated shipping costs. Over priced goods. But never again. 
    This British girl and her family are beyond happy. My first shipment arriving two days before my wedding anniversary. How perfect. 
    Thank you so very much for you fast and reliable low priced services. 

    Jonathan from Amory Mississippi here,
    I placed two orders one dry and one frozen,
    I feel completely satisfied and compelled to say thank you,
    they arrived on time, perfect conditions,  wrapped beautifully,
    I even got a little packet of sweets as an extra gift,
    you were so kind and professional, I cant wait to order from you again.
    Thank you for going above and beyond ...
    Sincerely Jonathan

    My replacement tea arrived today.
    Thank you!  I hope you are all having a great year. 
    We are sure enjoying our tea.  Best wishes-- 

    Denise K

    Many Thanks…Order received

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

    Jack H

    Order arrived this evening. 
    Thank you all at Goodwoods. 
    Merry Christmas!!
    Kathy D

    Thank you for the update.
    The order arrived today and it all looks wonderful and will help make a lovely traditional Christmas,
    many thanks to all of you and Merry Christmas,
    Clare W


    The order came yesterday. Thanks. I look forward to ordering again in the future.
    Happy Thanksgiving to Alix and the team. 

    Alta A

    Your free shipping email sent  to me worked.
    As an ex Brit we know the cost of you obtaining the food has to be included in the price to us.
    It is nice to be able to know shipping (which is out of this world these days) has not to be added.
    Thanks you. Psychologically it help especially for Christmas.
    Send me any great deals you may get on some of the items I ordered before Christmas
    as some of these are for the “stockings”.

    Thank you! I always loof forward to your Christmas Treats.
    Goodwoods, you're the best!
    Denise K

    Toady is exceptional hot for Vermont, close to 90 degrees.
    The box arrived at noon today and the contents are frozen solid and perfectly packed.
    Thank you, can't wait to sample them!

    Ray B

    I have received several recommendations for your company! 
    This is for my great granddaughter who lives in Plano, TX.
    I live in Tucson, AZ, and hope at a later date to order some goodies for myself.
    Angela W

    Dear Goodwoods,
    Thank you for my package received this morning and also for the two packets of tea.
    I always look forward to my order from you all arrived completely frozen.
    Thank you again,
    Margaret J.

    Thank you.
    Everything arrived fine.
    Love you guys.


    Hi Alix
    Thank you for your concern.   You may (or not) have picked up that I was having a problem with navigating your site, so just cancelled everything.
    It was not your site!   My computer “plays silly b……….s” once in a while (Richard will interpret that saying, if needed!   Good old, down to earth, Sheffield thing!)
    Will reorder and thanks again for your concern.   I appreciate having you, too.   
    Being unable to get out much, I am so glad we can order “proper” food and old familiar items online.
    Kind Regards,
    Carol B

    I’d like to THANKYOU for the Easter eggs which arrived today.  
    But most of all I wanted to THANKYOU for calling me to let me know that a couple of boxes had been damaged / that was very kind 

    I also appreciate the complimentary box of biscuits - 
    I’m looking forward to eating them with my tea 

    Warm regards 



    Dear Alix,

    Please tell "King" Richard that I received both parcels today (Wednesday) at 1.30pm, my usual time for FredEx deliveries.

    They came beautifully wrapped and with plenty of ice in with the perishables. 
    My husband put the whole case in our freezer as is.  Looking forward to eating all the goodies we have so long been without..

    Thankyou Goodwoods. 
    It's been a pleasure dealing with you. 
    Patricia C.

    I greatly appreciate your contacting me by email and by telephone concerning my order for a dozen unites of Somerdale English Country Butter. 

    Your care in shipping the butter so that it arrives in good condition is much appreciated and, thus, I am perfectly happy to wait until you are restocked.

    Simply keep me posted.

    Thank you.



    My order arrived!!!! Thank you so much for the excellent packing everything was perfect, 
    I love this company for us Brits over here , its the very best!. 
    Thank you Richard for the wonderful substitutions for the couple of things that did not arrive, the Christmas  pud will be great.
    You will definitely be getting my complete order next year. 
    I love this company
     and love the fact that they call if they don't have the thing you ordered to offer another option .
    My Christmas has officially started thanks to Goodwoods,
    Merry Christmas all!!!
    Gina B.

    I just wanted to let you know that that my order of the British Crumpets were Great!!

    Thank you for your help in filling my order. 

    I will definitely be ordering those wonderful crumpets on a regular basis.

    I was wondering if you can suggest to a piece to try.
    I am new to the British style of meat pie's. 

    Have a great day, 

    Michael S

    Have used them many times before.
    VERY kind & courteous and will probably be ordering again from them today.
    Orders received in a timely manner and in good shape .
    Thank you Richard and staff.
    Rich D

    Wonderful British Food.
    I order regularly from Goodwoods British Market.
    Everything always comes packaged safe and sound.
    I recommend Goodwoods British Market to anyone who wants to try traditional British food.
    Anna M-S

    Thank you so much for the wonderful service I have just received my order in excellent condition.
    I ordered it Monday and this is Wednesday Afternoon.
    Thanks again Margaret J

    This was a gift for my Mom and I just wanted to thank you for not sending a price receipt, and someone hand wrote from Julie on that receipt.  
    That was very kind. 
    Thank you very much!  

    You and your team are the best. 
    Sent from my iPhone

    Hi Richard,
    The box arrived!!! Great stuff thanks and merry Christmas!

    Dear Richard,
     I can’t thank you enough for getting my order redirected to me.  
    When I saw the Fed Ex truck I started crying, I was so happy. 
    You made my Boxing Day complete.
    Since I ordered my frozen foods in October and received them, I never looked at the address on my Christmas order. 
    I’m so sorry for all your trouble.
    This means so much, as Mum did Boxing Day before she passed, so it is my  day now,  and I want to pass all this along to my children and grandchildren.
    Again thank you so much, hope you and all your family have a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day

     Sandra  E  


    Richard, just to let you know my frozen treasures made it home to SanAntonio, thanks to you.  
    I so loved your shop, like popping around the corner to get something for my mum .  Except I could buy anything I wanted.  
    Enjoyed meeting you and the Customers in the store, the lovely young lady from Texas, married to the young man from close to Milton  Keyes.  His sister lives in Luton , my home town.  Look well it is someone I might have known.  
    Will shop On line, my friend The Duchess (she is from Cambridge) has been looking at your site and my Daughter in Florida likely will become a customer.  
    However, I will come to the store as often as I can!  Can you get those little Hovis bread?  Till the next  time, cheers.

    Jeannette xx

    Hi there, just wanted to say thank you!
    Our order arrived on time and in the "right" condition.
    I know it will be enjoyed.
    Thanks again,Susan R

    Thank you  i love the product that i get from you,
    this is my second year that im getting your plum pudding for our christmas  time  after dinner snack.  
    Thank you once again for answering me back so quickly.

    Thank you for the re-order. The box just arrived. This time in perfect condition. There was still a little ice in the bag and the contents were still frozen.

    I do appreciate your prompt  help in this matter  and your excellent customer service.

    I do hope FedEx will re-emberse you for this order as it was clearly their fault.

    Can't wait for the pork pie on my counter to defrost.

    Thank you Liz.

    My order arrived on time and in excellent condition.
    Thank you I will be using your company again in the future.
    Maggie L

    Thank you for my 2 orders which arrived today,
    all wonderful,you have my business now for good,
    speedy delivery,and I have passed on your details to my UK friends in Texas,

    Thank you.

    Melville L. 


    Easter Eggs
    I would like to thank you for your excellent service in sending Easter goods to me, my family loved everything, 
    and I think you went above and beyond to satisfy us, 
    it was a pleasure working with you, 
    thank you again. Dianne

    My Kippers
    Thet arrived all save and sound, thank you very much. Hopefully will be ordering some fish paste ,suet ect: when financially able.
    What a treat I will have for breakfast tomorrow!,LOL!!! Julie.

    I just wanted to send this email to say thanks to Richard for the superb customer service when I called on Monday regarding the shipment details of this order.
    He was extremely courteous and  quick to resolve the shipping questions I had.
    Will definitely be back to shop when I need more British goodies J

     Thanks so much
    Lynn T


    Thank you so much for the before Christmas delivery. It was so much appreciated.
    Great customer service.

    Thanks again
    Carole Cooper


    Thank You Alix for notifying me of the shipment delay. This is not a problem at all. 
    Being a new customer I  was hoping to try your product and customer service for possible future purchases,
    however, I do understand I may have picked a poor time of the year and I will keep an open mind. 
    Please ship as soon as convenient . 
    Regards Daniel

    OMG!!!! MY package arrived today...perfect condition.....Thank

    you so much.. Arrived so fast and packed with care!!!!
    I will be looking forward to my meat order. Yummy...can't wait!
    Happy Christmas,
    You have a new life long customer in me.
    Thank you,


    Thank you so much for my order which was delivered as you said  the contents were still frozen  
    your service is number 1  would recommend you to all british people missing our food. Thank you again 

     Merry Christmas

    Just got my Christmas goodies today thank you so much,
    this was my first order with you and was a little nervous,
    I just loved the thank you gift haven't had a black jack since I was a little girl,
    will defiantly order again.
    Once again thank you so much.x

    Hey Guy's!

    I know nowadays so many people are quick to gripe and moan, but they are so slow

    to give a compliment or to thank you for a good job/ service!

     I would like to take this opportunity, to thank your shipping and packing guys for taking

    the time and packing my "Goodies" perfectly. Great job! Well done!
    This is why we come back.
    Keep up the good work.




    Recieved today, just perfect,
    ordered Friday night, 
    shipped Monday and received Tuesday.
    Exactly as ordered, really pleased and excited to have dinner tomorrow.

    Thanks for the order, as usual everything is fab. 
    Just a little info. my father was from Sheffield,
    Woodhouse, my mom was from Pontefract and I am
    from Doncaster Rossington actually a village on the
    outshirts of Doncaster.  my nephew and niece are
    police officers in Sheffield, just a little home info. 

    I wanted to thank you for opening the Warehouse and allowing me to shop.
    I especially enjoyed the Bakewells and Ahmad Tea, upon my return to Huntsville, Texas.
    It reminded me of walking through England and Scotland in 1975.
    I look forward to some English sausages on my return visit.
    Kind Regards, Bradley

    Last two orders were exceptionally well packed and delivery within a week.
    All goods are as described, hence my new order.
    Well done everyone concerned.

    Thank you so much for your speedy delivery...Everything has arrived intact..
    I have bought a bunch of food stuffs online over the years and I must say your packing is exceptional!!

    Since dried marrowfat peas are not available in the U.S., 
    I have to buy from my favorite online store for British goods, Goodwood’s
    They’re not paying me to say this, nor are they aware of this blog post, 
    they’re just my supplier when I need my fix of British goods.


    Delivery in less than a week. 
    The packaging was worthy of commenting on...excellent.  
    Obviously, your business places customers as a priority. 
    I've never done business with you or any company in Texas, but rest assured I will again. 
    Thank you. 
    Garreth T

    my package arrived today and everything was 100% good . thanks 
    Michael M

    Thank you so much! I bought these items for my mum. She is from Edinburgh but lived in Britain for a long time. I was born here in the US but mum brought me to London when I was in grade school. I'm 40 years old now but I remember the first breakfast I had at that b&b. My first English breakfast. 
    I to this day remember how delicious the bangers were. You helped me to enjoy the taste again and Serve my mum a proper breakfast. 
    I look forward to ordering more items soon.
    Perfect and delicious products. 
    Also arrived a day earlier than anticipated. Still frozen and order was just as I requested.
    Thank you

    Just got my order and I am drinking my orange squash and eating a Crunchie bar.
    I'm in heaven. 
    Thanks so much for the great service. 
    Donna P

    Thank you. Package received today.  All items in perfect condition
    Cathy F

    Hello.......I placed an order with you last week for Crumpets, Lime Marmalade and Golden Syrup, 
    they have just arrived and I have to say thank you so much for the perfect order and expert wrapping
    and the gift was special......I haven’t had a Fruit Salad or Black Jack in many years............I will be back

    Carol Edwards

    Package arrived and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate how carefully it was packed. 
    Everything was in perfect shape.  
    Thanks very much, and Merry Christmas.

    Many thanks for the sweeties...such a nice gesture!
    family is looking forward to their annual Cherry Bakewells and Battenberg.

    The Fairy Liquid is a special present for my husband who is retiring next year! HEE HEE


    Cheryl S

    Hey Guys!
    Thanks for getting our order out. Like always the packaging was top notch.
    I hope you all have a fun, safe Thanks Giving.
    Mike W

    Excellent service and a great taste of home.
     I was like a kid in a cadburys chocolate shop today when my two boxes arrived.
    John C

    I just received my order, --that was waiting until complete.
    I wanted to say thank you, you are all a delight to order from.
    Keep up the good work, you lovely people.
    All products received to date have been excellent.
     Valerie J

    Thank you so much! We love ordering from you throughout the year.....
    and especially at Christmas!! 
    Happy Christmas to you all!
    Michele C

    I just wanted to let you know that everything arrived perfectly, and promptly! 
    Thank you so much! 
    Also, thank you for the surprise bags of crisps... they were so good! 
    (Yes, past tense... I ate the last little bag of crisps today...)

    Best always,

    Richard Goodlad at Goodwood's has the perfect British treat for expats and anglophiles. 
    This is an excellent company to deal with.
    Ann R

    OK - for those NOT in the is absolutely marvy and no, i am not paid to say this.

    Thank you very much for the free bag of crisps!
    Your Pal, Garret

    Have just taken delivery of my Fish Fingers, they are still perfectly frozen. 
    Cant tell they have travelled from Tx to Southern California. :-)
    Thank you for my tea tonight, cant wait!


    I just placed an order, but one thing I wanted to order, I could not find.  
    It is the dumpling mix.  I have ordered this several times, and really like the dumplings.
     I hope that this isn't a discontinued item.  
    Please let me know.  
    You have a good variety of food, good prices, fast service, 
    and the people I have talked to there, have all been very friendly and helpful.  
    Please pass this well deserved praise along.  
    Thank you.
    Fran S.

    Wow fantastic company, 
    never in my life have I ever seen such beautifully wrapped packaging! 
    The products I recieved are in better condition than the groceries in the supermarket haha 
    how does that happen, not one little dent, 
    You are Perfection Goodwoods!!! :)
    Corey B

    Thank you so much. 
    Fantastic packing, i have missed english butter so much over the last 3 years. 
    Thank you 
    Babs W ☺

    Thank you so much for the mince pies and crisps! 
    Great service and faster and cheaper than amazon. 
    Great website that I will definitely use again. 
    Thanks and happy Christmas !


    As per our telecon this morning (Monday, Dec 9), FedEx delivered both orders at around 11:30.  
    My husband looked over the order with the bacon, etc., 
    Always enjoy ordering from Goodwoods! 
    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.  J

    Elaine H

    I just received an order which contained a bar of soap. 
    I had ordered Pears soap and instead I received Dettol. Dettol? Yech.
    Brought back awful memories from my childhood, grandmother etc and I have disliked the smell ever since. 
    On calling, Richard himself returned my call and asked me to open the Dettol box.
    IT IS LOVELY! Doesn’t smell like Dettol as I remember it at all. 
    Don’t know what they were thinking when they used that name. 
    Very misleading and I recommend this delicious elegant soap ( and everything else they sell on British Market!). 
    Long time customer and Brixton girl. 
    Thank you Richard. 
    Yvonne Kaye

    Received my wonderful box of frozen goodies last week, oh 
    my goodness it was just like Christmas !!  I am loving all the items I ordered 
    and will order more one day in the future.  many thanks.
    Joyce C.

    Congratulation on your 21 years in business. 
    I appreciate your super Saturday sales, and the drop in shipping charges. 
    It helps me buy more to share with my patients at the VA, 
    who look forward to what ever I bring in. 
    Thanks Linda F

    We got our second order and we are totally delighted.  
    Had Beef bangers with  mash with beans and broiled tomatoes for dinner last evening.  
    Hubby was thrilled to see the black pudding and potato scones.  
    Thanks for making a Scottish "Texan" a happy man....

    Dear All,

    Many thanks for sending the frozen goods which arrived Thursday morning.  
    The Smoked Salmon was a huge success today as were the Kippers; a wonderful touch of "home".



    Nothing broken or squashed.. I will be ordering from you again...Have a great week-end...
    Thanks again Jennifer B.

    Hooray for Goodwood's.  I'm reviewing their online service.  
    This company is very quick & thorough.  I placed an order with them on a Monday night after business hours,
    and it got shipped the next day!  My (gift) recipient received the item ahead of schedule.  
    I had requested a deadline on the delivery date when checking out on the Goodwood's site...
    and it arrived a couple days before the day I had requested.  
    Not only that, but they were sure to email the fedex tracking information right away.  
    I had it by 2pm my time the very next day.  
    I have already placed another order with them, and I am confident this gift will arrive promptly as well. :)

    Thank you for your excellent customer service!
    Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend,

    I just wanted to let you know that everything arrived perfectly, and promptly!
    Thank you so much! Also, thank you for the surprise bags of crisps... they were so good! (Yes, past tense... I ate the last little bag of crisps today...)
    Best always,

    Super web site,. Chatted with Laura per telephone today in great length. She was so obliging and extremely helpful as I am a new customer.

     Pleased to hear that a fellow Yorkshireman owns “Goodwood’s”

     “Goodwood’s”  is most definitely in my “favourite’s !!

     Thank you.




    Placed my order earlier today... the best customer service and the best products!

    Sean Bryan


    My order arrived in marvelous condition...such attention to detail with packaging and alerts!

    I do so appreciate this!

    My next order will be for meat!!!

    Bless u all...

    Tea from Bath but now in Minneapolis!

    Just got my package, with enough time for some bangers to defrost. 
    I know what I'm  having for dinner tonight!! 
    And dry ice still left for the kids to play with after school. 
    Thanks Goodwoods, perfect as always!
    Kim G

    Scottish Hubby's surprise package arrive and I cannot wait for him to open it when he comes home. I got him Irish Back Breakfast Bacon, Irish Smoked Back Bacon, Traditional Breakfast Sausage, Pork Bangers, Beef Bangers, Yorkshire Pork Pie, Scottish Meat Pies, Scottish Smoked Haddock Fillets with butter ~ So excited!
    Linda M


    Just wanted to let you know how happy I was to see that you had finally restocked damson jam,
    I did request it but did not really expect it. the same with marmade,
    I requested and voila !!! you had it.
    so I am a happy customer
    and when my jam arrives I shall be enjoying damson jam on homemade bread.
    Joyce C

    Thanks for my order and was very happy with the timing and freshness of the product!

    Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your products
    and wish you a very Happy 20th Anniversary. 
    It is my husband and my 20th on January 2nd
    so much luck and keep up the good work and wonderful products. 
    Those of us that crave a taste of England know exactly where to come.
    Thanks again for being so great.

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you and all your wonderful staff .. My
    package to my Daughter arrived in plenty of time for Christmas and again we are
    very pleased with your goods and service
    Thanks Regards
    Babs Treloar

    Thank you for adjusting my order and shipping it.
    I was away so I didn't receive the messages until today.
    I appreciate the fact that you took the best possible action and provided your standard exemplary service.
    I look forward to ordering more goods from you in the near future.
    Thanks again, 

    Dear Goodwood's,
    I just received my order from you and it was perfect!! My husband spent several years in  England and these items will make a great addition to the "British Basket" of goodies I am giving him for Christmas. Your service was impeccable and I know where to go to for any imports I may need to find in the future!

    Thank you - you have another satisfied customer!

    Gail S

    My order arrived today! Thank you so much, it was beautifully packed and not so
    much as a squashed selection pack or a dented tin, so pleased all my Christmas
    goodies can be ordered from one place! I will be back next year.
    A Merry
    Christmas to you all.


    You are fantastic! Many Thanks :)))

    Beverley B


     I just want to say that I love the Jackson's bread! Reminds me of home! The Cameron's pork pies are awesome! If you get the  Cameron's Scottish pies that would be fine. I would request(as an English lass born in Scotland) that you could provide haggis for Burns Night and a plain loaf (old fashioned style with the crust and coarser flour. The Jackson's loaves are what me mum would call 'pan loaves' ) Thanks.



    Received my order yesterday.  Excellent - packaging, fast delivery and free packet of chips:)

    Jennifer M



     My husband and I wanted to thank you for the express delivery, packing and all the items we received, everything was perfect. this was the first time we have ordered from you and we are very pleased with everything. It was our 60th wedding anniversary and we decided to treat ourselves. It's so nice to have some things we have not been able to get in such a long time. Thank you to everyone and especially to the young man who caught the mistake with our address and called me to rectify it. We look forward to ordering from you again. 

    Jean K



    Got my shipment this afternoon ! I only placed the order on Thursday 8/23 super fast shipping and superb packing of the products.

    Thank you so much.




    I always appreciate your fast and excellent service. 



    Hi Richard,

    Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it!

    Can't wait for my goodies :-) so glad to be able to get them here, thanks for a great service.

    Lesley A. 7/13/12


    I LOVE your speedy replies and personal service!

    Sincere thanks!




    Aloha Richard:

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    Ta everso and much aloha to you all - your customer service is exemplary. 




    I am absolutely fine with waiting for the order to ship once the shields arrive.
    Thank you very much for your awesome customer service and prompt follow up!



    Got my order today - Thanks so much - was packed perfectly -
    no crushed boxes or anything - job well done!!

    Amanda G



    Hello all!

    Just a line to let you know our package arrived safe and sound today.

    Thank-you very much for the great service and prompt delivery,

    you are much appreciated.


    Margaret Martin.



    No worries, thanks for the quick response and thank you for the wonderful quick delivery, even to Alaska....pork pie is in my future today :)
    Caroline Claire



    Shipment received in good order.

    Thank you for your continued terrific service.

    I appreciate it.



    Just received the Coleman's Mustard Biscuits.

    They're delicious and I thank you very much for sending them.

    It was laura who responded when I wrote to let you know they had been left out of my last order.

    As always, I appreciate your excellent service.

    Laurie (Eleanore)



    Thank you for this and the wonderful service you always provide - you're The Best!
    Peter R



    These guys are great; Lots of good stuff !!

    Ed Bunch



    You are simply the BEST :))))

    Janet Guy



    Just received my order whicih was only placed last weekend! Now, if our Governement could only be as efficient as you Richard and your team. *S* Many thanks for a very well packed order.

    Happy Christmas to one and all.

    Gillian Colby



    All the best and thank you for being the best British web site out there in so many ways. Have a most enjoyable old fashioned Brit Christmas in Texas. as we try to do here in California.




    I thought I'd let you know the package did arrive as you suspected it would.
    We will now be able to have a well stuffed Turkey and a contented family
    tomorrow.  I appreciate all the effort you went to for us.


    I just received my shipment today and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service.

    The items were neatly packed and the service was very timely. Also, I wanted to know how can I be notified whenever you receive new crisps, particularly wotsits.



    My most recent order has just arrived. It was packed really well and even the Fed/Ex man couldn't put a dent in the mince pies! Can't wait to eat them.

    Thanks so much. Shirley M



    My order just arrived, thank you for packing it so carefully, not even a dent in any tin or selection box, I ordered Christmas food from you and one other company, next year you get my complete order,

    I am thrilled!!
    Gina Bolin



    You've been an amazing help! 

    Thank you so much, and Happy Holidays!




    Thank you so much for putting the story of Poppy Day in your advertising email.  I wish more businesses would do this kind of thing.  I remember going to Westminster Abbey once with my Dad (a WW1 navy veteran) and seeing all the poppies falling on the congregation, it was magical and very moving, even to a child.  You are good to remind us all of the actual story behind it all.  Thank you,

    A grateful customer,

    Ann Rapp



    I received my Dry Goods from you all today!! Thank you so much!! Perfectly packed! I am enjoying my Salad Cream, Cheese and Tomato sandwich right now!! Gonna tuck into an Eccles Cake cake here in a moment!! in the 9 or so years I have been ordering from you all - everything has been perfect!

    Thanks for Bringing a little Brit into my Ex-Pat house!!




    Thanks Richard for all your help and also the order number just arrived too.

    We are looking forward to the sausages etc next week,
    Regards Diana



    Yeh finaly some where i can shop and not have to spend a whole pay check on shipping.

    I will be returning often thanks.



    Thank you for your great service ! I will definitely order again !

    Karen S


    Good morning, i would like to say thank you for my order and i look forward to doing more business with you thank you very much! I evened enjoy my crisp that was a surprise.

    Daun M.



    FedEx delivered my box this afternoon - all wonderfully intact and expertly and carefully wrapped, and almost HOT but with the vacuum seal still good! Thank you. I know you guys are really cooking with the heat wave, but still holding up your end of the deal!

    Janice D :-)



    Congratulations on 19 years of purveying British Food from the great state of Texas.




    The package arrived shortly after I emailed you.  I now have the lovely smell of bangers wafting through the house as they brown on the stove top.



    Thank you for the last order. It came perfectly cold and well packaged.

     Just wonderfull !!

    Mary Southey



    I just love everything I have ordered from you.  

    Great place to shop.  




    Thank you for shipping out my crisps, they arrived today.

    Great service and prices

    Alix B.



    Thank you so much for all of your help!  Your company is wonderful and I look forward to ordering from you again soon!


    We just received our Easter Eggs today, and we wanted to thank you for super fast and courteous service and an excellent delivery rate!

    Thank you!



    Hello British Market.

    My 24 bars of Cussons Imperial Leather soap has arrived.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have been using this product for at least 35 years.

    My friend use to send this to me from England. She paid more for the postage than the soap.  

    Thank you for making it available to me at a reasonable price.  



    my order just arrived..........thank you , thank you, thank you

    I love your products!I also like the great price on shipping way to go:)



    Thanks for a great service!
    Las Vegas.











    I received my Christmas crackers on the 23rd.  Thank you so much.  I had just been home and was stopped at Gatwick and told that it was no longer legal to have crackers. Something about the gunpowder and terrorists I guess.  So there I was with two packs of crackers and I had to leave them at the airport.

    You saved my Christmas. 

    Thanks so much.



    I just fixed some of your lovely cumberland sausages! YUM! Sooooo good. I forgot how great home tastes. Thank you!


    I'm happy to say that my package arrived December 23rd, for me to give it to my husband  as a Christmas present. He was thrilled  to get it. 

    Thanks again  for all your help in ensuring that I would get it in time.

    All  the best for a joyous New Year.



    Just placed my order for some Mince Pies and Christmas crackers, loved the selection of goodies and the website was easy to navigate, my first time checking you guys out, can't wait for my box to arrive. Merry Christmas all.



    I just wanted to send a quick note to say how pleased I was with the prompt delivery of my order. 

    I wanted to surprise my British husband with a full English Breakfast and thanks to Goodwood's,

    I was able to do that this morning!  The bangers and danish bacon arrived frozen as promised and I was very impressed with how well everything was packed!  The sausages and bacon were very tasty and my husband is one happy Brit!  I will certainly be ordering from Goodwood's in the future! 

    Thank you for your excellence service and products! 
    A very Happy Christmas to all of you at Goodwood's and all the best for a prosperous New Year!
    Krista M


    Thankyou for your fast and efficient service, I have ordered twice from you and I am very happy with the goods and services. Question. Have you any custard cream biscuits? not sure if you stock them, I have ordered the Fox,s kind, but still miss the regular type.

    Once again many thanks and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

    J Rees-Adams


    Thank you for your help today.  I felt so stupid after finding out the hiccup wasn't even about Goodwood's British Market! 

    Again, I am so sorry!  Thank you for handling it with such calmness and kindness. 

    I really appreciated it. 

    Happy Holidays


    Thank you for your continued excellence in service to all of us Ex-Pat's, and those that just happen to enjoy the English foods.
    Warmest regards,

    Charles McG


    Thankyou for wonderfull service- my order arrived today!!

    Everything was correct and looks delicious, thanks again for such good service,

    much appreciated.

    Sincerely, Irene W


    We are Thankful for Goodwoods - Thank you for our recent perishables order, from us all here in the cooler state of Michigan brrrrrrrr


    Thanks so much.  I appreciate everything you do and my best wishes to all of you for a VERY happy holiday season as well - cheers!

    Peter R


    I thought your message on the 11th (Remembrance Day) most appropriate and moving.

    Thank you

    Richard Gates, MBE


    Thanks for the prawn cocktail and Worcester sauce crisps!!! Got here in 1 day...



    Staff at Goodwood's.
    What a beautiful tribute you posted on the email today
    for the fallen in two world wars.
    What a pity we do not see people here in the USA wearing poppies
    for the commemoration of what it all meant. It should catch on, I
    think it would be popular, particularly if the disabled made the poppies as in England.
    I remember when at 11.0am every man, woman, and child stopped for
    two minutes silence no matter where they were,in the street, in their homes,
    offices, schools, even buses stopped en-route in their journey
    to pay their own little tribute to those who gave so much.
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
    Marian B.



    Thank you for sending that to me.  It was touching and helpful to me.  Through genealogy I have been searching for two uncles for a long, long time.  Just a month ago I learned that they both died in France -- at 18 and 19.  They now lie among the poppies.

    Thank you, again.



    I should have told you sooner, but I am very impressed with your service, and, of course, your prices. I will buy all my things British from you from now on.


    Judy H


    Well Done! proper ship fee, quickly shipped, meticulously packed, taste buds satisfied!....done & done


    Gotta say I Love Goodwoods, eating one of my Mr Kiplings Bakewell Tarts from you guys now :) You are one of the things that keeps us British in the USA happy :)

    Paul H


    I just ordered from you guys for the first time last week and got my package yesterday and i am soooooo happy with it, thanks!! you guys are awesome!



    Just a note to say my 3 replacement jars of curry arrived in perfect condition. And thanks to Richard for his  phone call in sorting the problem out.
    Paula Harlin


    I just love this market!

    Pam Livingston


    Thank you for the email. That's totally my fault - I got too excited and did one order instead of two!!
    Thank you for splitting it for me, you guys are the best!



    Great bunch of folks to deal with.

    Brits International


    Best online British market I've found.

    Steve Rogers


    Nice selection excellent customerservice the flavors of great brittan delivered to my door.

    Nancy M


    Very much enjoying the meat pies and other goodies i ordered from you last week.

    Just placed another order for more english goodies.



    Oh i do miss home but i am so happy that i have found Goodwoods British Market

    Tina W


    Glad to have the chance to let you know how VERY much I appreciate all of you there:  you are a super team and certainly make my life happier.  MANY thanks and know that you are always appreciated!

    Peter R


    Thank you, your sausage rolls are the best! 
    Mary C


    Just got my Chocolate Easter Eggs and a bunch of goodies for the family. Some things do not change. After all these years living in the States I still need my British Bacon and Bangers. Good on ya Richard.



    Thank you very much; I received my order this morning and everything was nicely packed.  It's nice to have a 'taste of home' for Easter.



    Dear Goodwoods Team,

    I have ordered from your web site several times and each time I have been so impressed with your updates, packaging and promptness in delivery.

    Thanks for giving me a “touch of home.”   I wouldn’t order from any other site.

    Best wishes this holiday season,


    A very satisfied ex pat.

    Rita M


    Thank you. It's the first problem ever had with my order. I'm happy you can solve it so simply and quickly.

    Great service,

    thanks again. Jo.


    The order arrived perfectly and my friend from England was thrilled with her surprise

    Have not tasted any of it yet but it looked wonderful

    have a merry christmas

    with all good wishes


    Mount Gilead, N. C.


    What a tremendous email to receive from your company….thank you. I always wish I could see the moving rememberance service in London. All the best……my son is about to be deployed in Afghanistan, so this day especially poignant.  Sincerely   Christine Lawler


    I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on shipping the frozen goods.  You have very quick service and the best packing that I have seen.  You are the only British store that I will ever buy from!

    Thank you,

    Robert Grant-Smith


    Thank you very much! You are such great people and your food is just like being home in England. Thanks again for everything.



    I would like to take the time to say how wonderful you guys are, I have bought from your site before and have always been completely satisfied! Thank you!
    With regards
    Ami English.


     Hello!  Perfect timing - I just ran out of my Frank Cooper marmalade!  Oh I do so enjoy your excellent service. Thanks for the $10 off! Any chance we would see smoked haddock again?  Also the small cut Branston Pickle for sandwiches?  AND I see the Christmas pre-ordering is available but was sorry not to see the Kipling cakes you had 2 years ago - fruit cake slices with icing and I believe marzipan - we loved them - any chance of seeing them again this year? Thanks for the excelent service and keeping these English taste buds happy!   Jane


    Hi Customer Service,

    I'm English, my wife is from San Antonio, and we live in Colorado.

    I just took Fedex delivery of the above order number, a Father's Day present from my wife and daughter.

    Excellent service!! Bloody marvellous!! Real food, especially the bacon (no insult intended, believe me!) 

    Everything arrived fully frozen and in great condition.

    I am like a pup with two tails.

    We will be ordering again.

    We drive to San Antonio about three times each year - can we buy directly from your Sawdust Road location?

    Many thanks and cheers,

    Paul Massam. 


    Love the store, by the way. I've been telling all of my relatives and British friends about it.




    Thank you so much for getting the Ribena out today, because I ran out last week!

    Have a great day and thank you again for great service!



    Thank you everyone!
    My Jamie Dodgers and Battenberg arrived in plenty of time for the Bridal Shower I am holding.  Your service is excellent.  Thank you again.


    Hi All

    Just to say how good it is to have a service like yours for us Ex pats living in the USA-I myself live in the UK but visit USA so at least i know i can get goods from yourselves while on Vacation in the USA!!
    My family appreciate it very much-Keep up the good service
    Karen Dunbar UK


    Thanks Richard for my last order everything arrived and I MUST say I stand by your testimonials on the pork pies…absolutely delicious!



    My Christmas items have arrived and I would like to thank you all very much,
    My children love their stockings every year just like I used to have as a child and now with the fantastic Advent calendar by Cadbury's being sold by Goodwoods its wonderful, so again Thank you very much for another year.

    Mike and Sarah


    Do you ever have "Smoked Haddock? I get the Kippers and enjoy them immensely but do miss not being able to have Haddock on occasion.

    All the products we have ordered from you have been excellent and I thank you


    Jack Heard

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