For over 50 years Burton's has made Jammie Dodgers, they are loved by all, young and old. These delicious sandwich biscuits consist of two perfect pieces of shortbread that are filled with a fantastic raspberry jam. It is the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea.

Burton's Jammie Dodgers - The Original Jamtastic Biscuits from the UK

Burton's Jammie Dodgers are a beloved British biscuit that has been enjoyed for generations. These biscuits are made with a delicious shortbread base and a layer of sticky jam in the middle, making them the perfect sweet treat for any occasion.

The Perfect Treat for Any Time of Day

Whether you're enjoying them with a cup of tea in the afternoon or snacking on them during a movie night, Burton's Jammie Dodgers are the perfect treat for any time of day. These biscuits are satisfyingly sweet without being overwhelming, making them a great option for those with a sweet tooth.

Made with High-Quality Ingredients

We believe in using only the highest quality ingredients to make our biscuits. Our Jammie Dodgers are no exception. We use only the finest flour, sugar, and butter to create the perfect shortbread base, and our jam filling is made with real fruit for an authentic and delicious taste.

Imported Directly from the UK

If you're a fan of British biscuits, you won't want to miss out on Burton's Jammie Dodgers. Our biscuits are imported directly from the UK, so you can be sure that you're getting the real deal. Whether you're a British ex-pat or just a fan of international treats, these biscuits are sure to satisfy your cravings.


  • Wheat Flour (with Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, and Thiamin)
  • Raspberry Flavoured Apple Jam (27%) (Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Apples (39%), Sugar, Humectant (Glycerol), Acidity Regulator (Malic Acid), Flavourings, Colours (Anthocyanins, Annatto), Gelling Agent (Pectin))
  • Vegetable Oils (Palm, Rapeseed)
  • Sugar
  • Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup
  • Raising Agents (Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • Salt
  • Flavourings



In conclusion, Burton's Jammie Dodgers are a delicious and authentic British biscuit that's perfect for anyone who loves a sweet treat. Made with high-quality ingredients and imported directly from the UK, these biscuits are sure to satisfy your cravings. So why not treat yourself to a pack today and experience the original Jamtastic taste for yourself?

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