The Blooming Teatime Set: A Sip of Splendour

A Whimsical Twist on Traditional Teatime

Embrace the vibrancy of a British meadow with our Blooming Teatime Set, where functionality blooms with beauty. Inspired by the untamed charm of English poppies, this set is designed to bring the freshness of spring to your daily ritual.

Key Features to Adore:

  • Vivid Poppy Motifs: Bright red poppies with strokes of green and black, reminiscent of a painter's brush on fine china.
  • Elegant Two-Piece Design: A compact teapot that nestles perfectly atop the cup, saving space and enhancing aesthetics.
  • Quality Porcelain Build: Expertly crafted with high-grade porcelain, ensuring durability along with elegance.
  • Optimal Capacity: Perfect for personal use or an intimate gathering, providing just the right amount of your favorite brew.
  • Leak-Proof Lid: Fitted with a snug lid that ensures no spills, keeping every pour clean and graceful.
  • Easy to Clean: Designed with smooth surfaces that make cleaning effortless, ensuring hygiene with every use.

Goodwoods British Market: Your Cup of Tea, and More

When it comes to tea and its accompaniments, Goodwoods British Market isn't just good; it's blooming marvellous! We understand that tea isn't just a drink; it's a way of life. That's why we take pride in offering a curated collection of teawares that are not only functional but also have the essence of British charm.

Whether you're steeping a robust breakfast blend or a delicate afternoon infusion, Goodwoods provides the perfect companions for your brew. Because here, we believe that every cuppa deserves fine china, and every tea lover deserves the best that Britain can offer. So for all your tea-related needs, skip the trek across the pond and pop into Goodwoods, where every visit is just your cup of tea.

Customer Reviews

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Connor Arlo
Flavorful Addition

Goodwood's Chutney is a flavorful addition to any dish. Its blend of spices and fruits adds depth and richness to various meals. The jar is generously sized, offering good value for money. I appreciate the versatility of this chutney, as it can be used in numerous culinary creations. Whether as a condiment or a cooking ingredient, Goodwood's Chutney never fails to impress with its rich flavors and superior quality, enhancing every dish with a burst of authentic taste.

Luka Elliott
Classic British Delight

Goodwood's Biscuits are a classic British delight that never disappoints. Their buttery flavor and crisp texture make them a favorite snack. The packaging ensures the biscuits stay fresh and crunchy, preserving their quality. I find them to be reasonably priced for the enjoyment they provide. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with friends, these biscuits are a comforting treat that brings joy to every moment, making them a pantry staple in my home.

Ryder Kaiden
Homemade Taste

Goodwood's Jam brings a homemade taste to every meal. Its rich flavor and smooth texture remind me of preserves made with love. The jar is convenient to use and store, ensuring the jam stays fresh. I appreciate the quality ingredients used, giving this jam its authentic taste. For its price, it's a worthwhile addition to any breakfast table. Whether spread on toast or mixed into yogurt, Goodwood's Jam adds a touch of comfort and nostalgia to every bite, making it a cherished part of my morning routine.

Emmett Zachary
Consistently Satisfying

Goodwood's Tea has been consistently satisfying. Its smooth flavor and refreshing aroma make it a pleasant choice for any time of day. The packaging is practical and keeps the tea fresh. I find it to be reasonably priced, offering good value for the quality it delivers. Whether enjoyed alone or with company, this tea never fails to bring a moment of relaxation and enjoyment, making it a staple in my pantry.

Customer Reviews

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