Magnolia Bloom Bone China Mug Set

Indulge in a blooming tea experience with our Magnolia Bloom Bone China Mug Set.

Elevate your daily tea ritual with this exquisite set of mugs that captures the delicate beauty of magnolia and peony blossoms. Perfect for those who cherish the finer moments in life, this set offers a sip of elegance with every cup.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Floral Design: Each mug is adorned with soft-hued magnolia and peony illustrations, evoking the beauty of an English garden in spring.
  • Refined Quality: Crafted from the finest bone china for a lightweight feel and translucent appearance.
  • Comfortably Chic: Designed with a classic can shape and an easy-grip handle, ensuring a comfortable tea-drinking experience.
  • Durable Artistry: The high-quality print is both dishwasher and microwave safe, making these mugs as practical as they are stylish.
  • Versatile Set: Includes two distinct designs, with two mugs in a pristine white and two in a serene pastel blue, allowing for mix-and-match possibilities.
     Product Description:

The Magnolia Bloom Bone China Mug Set is a symphony of form and function. Inspired by the timeless grace of English florals, these mugs are a daily reminder of the beauty that blooms in quiet corners of the world. As you cradle the delicate bone china, you'll appreciate the fine craftsmanship that makes these mugs not just a vessel for tea, but a piece of art.

The set features two designs: one, a crisp white background that allows the vibrant pinks and greens of the blooms to stand out; the other, a gentle blue that evokes the clear spring sky. The lush florals wrap around each mug, their petals unfurling gracefully, inviting you to take a moment for yourself with each sip.

Generous in size, these mugs are perfect for those who prefer a more substantial cup of tea. Whether it’s a robust English Breakfast in the morning or a soothing Chamomile in the evening, these mugs make every tea occasion special.

Why Goodwoods British Market is the Cream of the Crop:

For those who hold tea in high regard, Goodwoods British Market is a veritable treasure chest. It's not just a store; it's a portal to the heart of British tea culture. With an unparalleled selection of the finest teas, from the rolling hills of the English countryside to the exotic gardens of the East, Goodwoods provides an authentic taste of Britain.

The Magnolia Bloom Bone China Mug Set is among the many jewels you'll find at Goodwoods, where the love for tea is matched only by the commitment to quality and tradition. Here, every item is selected with the discerning tea lover in mind, ensuring that your tea time is nothing short of extraordinary.

Don’t let a spot of tea become a tea spot, unless you fancy explaining to your guests why your tablecloth is a modern art masterpiece. And remember, while it's said that a watched pot never boils, a watched mug can't fill itself with tea — that’s your job!


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