Country Lane Can Mug Collection

Embark on a delightful stroll through the English countryside with the Country Lane Can Mug Collection, lovingly brought to you by Goodwoods British Market, your local purveyor of all things quintessentially British.

Product Features:

Assorted Designs
: Each mug in this set of four features a different floral arrangement, reminiscent of a leisurely walk down a country lane.
  • Fine China: These mugs are crafted from fine china, known for its delicate appearance yet durable nature.
  • Ample Size: Generously sized, they are perfect for a large morning coffee or a comforting cup of tea.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Each mug boasts a comfortable handle, ensuring a secure and enjoyable drinking experience.
  • Microwave & Dishwasher Safe: Designed for convenience, they are both microwave and dishwasher safe, catering to the practicalities of modern living.


    The Country Lane Can Mug Collection is a celebration of the British love for tea and the natural beauty of the countryside. Each mug is a canvas painted with a variety of British wildflowers, bringing the tranquil essence of a rural escape to your home. As you sip from these mugs, you'll be transported to a serene country lane, flanked by the vivid colors and sweet fragrances of blooming flowers.

    The fine china construction of these mugs provides an elegant yet comfortable weight in your hand, balancing durability with a touch of sophistication. The ergonomic handle is designed for a cozy fit, allowing for long conversations and contemplations over a hot brew. And when life gets a bit too bustling, the easy care of these mugs means one less worry on your mind.

    These mugs are not only a testament to the timeless tradition of British tea drinking but also a nod to the modern need for ease and functionality. Whether it's a robust Earl Grey or a soothing chamomile, these mugs make every tea occasion special.

    Why Goodwoods British Market?

    Goodwoods British Market isn't just a store; it's a slice of the British countryside right on your doorstep. When you're looking for tea and accessories, here's why Goodwoods is the bee's knees:

    • Broad Selection: Our range of teas and accessories is as vast as the English Channel, promising something for every taste and occasion.
    • Quality and Heritage: We've got quality you can trust, steeped in a heritage as rich as a strong cup of Yorkshire Gold.
    • Personal Service: Our staff provide service with a smile and a bit of banter, making every visit feel like a pop 'round to a friend's house.
    • Humour Included: British humour comes complimentary with every purchase, ensuring a jolly good time while you shop.

    In every sip from the Country Lane Can Mug Collection, you'll taste the care and quality that Goodwoods British Market stands for. Whether you're a tea enthusiast or a coffee devotee, we believe that the perfect mug enhances your drink of choice, and we're here to provide just that — with a sprinkle of British wit on top. So for the finest tea experience, with mugs as rich in character as the land they're inspired by, make your way to Goodwoods. It's where every tea lover’s journey should begin, cup in hand and a smile on the face, because, at Goodwoods, life’s simply brew-tiful!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Robert Hall
    Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

    These Country Lane Can Mugs are the perfect blend of style and comfort. Their designs remind me of a picturesque English village, adding a touch of warmth to my day. The quality is superb, making them sturdy for everyday use.

    Robert, Thank you for your feedback

    John Clark
    Cozy Charm in Every Cup

    The Country Lane Can Mugs bring a cozy charm to my morning routine. Each mug features a unique, rustic design that makes me feel like I'm sipping coffee on a tranquil country lane. They have a great hand-feel, are the perfect size for my morning brew, and have proven to be both microwave and dishwasher safe.

    John, Thank you for your feedback

    Robert Smith
    Charming Addition to My Mug Collection

    This set has been a charming addition to my mug collection. Each mug offers a different design, allowing me and my family to choose our favorite for the day. They feel great to hold and enhance our coffee and tea experiences.

    Robert, Thank you for your feedback

    Elizabeth Hall
    Rustic Elegance for Everyday Use

    I'm delighted with the rustic elegance of these mugs. The designs are homey and comforting, perfect for a relaxing tea or coffee break. They've held up well under daily use and have quickly become a favorite in my household.

    Elizabeth, Thank you for your feedback

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews Write a review
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