Midnight Blooms: Black Petite Rose Salad Plates

Unveil the secret garden at your table with the Black Petite Rose Salad Plates. Each piece is a midnight rendezvous of florals upon a canvas of the darkest hour, offering a modern twist to your classic dishware collection.

Product Highlights:

  • Elegant Floral Design: A vibrant array of petite roses blooms across a dramatic black background.
  • Versatile Charm: Suitable for both casual brunches and formal dinners.
  • Fine Craftsmanship: Crafted with care from high-quality materials for enduring appeal.
  • Practical Elegance: These plates are as functional as they are beautiful, ready for everyday use or special occasions.
  • Material: Durable, high-grade porcelain that stands the test of time.
  • Dimensions: Perfectly proportioned for salads, appetizers, and desserts.
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning; microwave safe for convenience.
  • Set Size: Comes in a set of four, because good company deserves good presentation.
  • A bouquet of beauty: Each plate is an ode to the timeless allure of roses.
  • Dishwasher safe: Spend less time cleaning and more time charming your guests.
  • A touch of mystery: The stark black backdrop adds depth and intrigue to your table setting.
  • A set of four: Ideal for intimate gatherings or as an addition to your existing collection.

 These Black Petite Rose Salad Plates are where enchantment meets practicality. They're proof that every meal can be transformed into a celebration of exquisite taste and style.

 For those who take their tea with a side of splendor, look no further than Goodwoods British Market. It's not just a market; it's a treasure trove for all your tea-time needs, from the finest leaves to the fairest plates. Our Black Petite Rose Salad Plates are just one of the many reasons why Goodwoods is your one-stop shop for all things tea. Because let's face it, when it comes to tea time, it's not just the tea that counts—it's the company and the crockery, and we're blooming proud of both!

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Jessica
Elegant Simplicity

Goodwood's Black Petite Rose salad plates embody elegant simplicity. The subtle rose pattern adds a touch of sophistication to the table without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. These plates are the perfect size for serving salads or appetizers, and their sturdy construction ensures they're built to last. The black color provides a striking backdrop for any dish, enhancing its visual appeal. I'm thoroughly impressed by the quality and design of these plates, making them a staple in my kitchen.

Richard Susan
Versatile and Stylish

Goodwood's Black Petite Rose salad plates are both versatile and stylish. The rose design adds a touch of femininity without being overpowering, making them suitable for various occasions. Whether for serving salads, desserts, or appetizers, these plates elevate the presentation of any dish. The quality construction ensures they're durable enough for daily use, while their timeless design ensures they never go out of style. I'm thrilled with my purchase and would recommend these plates to anyone looking for both functionality and elegance.

William Barbara
Charming Addition to Tableware

Goodwood's Black Petite Rose salad plates are a charming addition to any tableware collection. The rose motif adds a subtle touch of femininity, while the black background lends a modern edge. These plates are versatile enough for everyday use yet elegant for special occasions. Crafted from durable materials, they withstand frequent use without compromising on style. I'm delighted with these plates and would recommend them to anyone seeking understated beauty in their dining experience.

David Elizabeth
"Simple Elegance on the Table"

These salad plates from Goodwood's Black Petite Rose collection offer simple elegance to any dining setting. The delicate rose pattern adds a touch of sophistication, while the sturdy construction ensures they're suitable for everyday use. The size is perfect for serving salads or appetizers, and the plates are easy to clean. I'm impressed by both the quality and design of these plates, making them a valuable addition to my kitchen. Highly recommended for those who appreciate understated beauty.

Elizabeth Lee
Durable and Beautiful

These plates are not only beautiful but also durable. They have quickly become my go-to for special occasions.

Elizabeth, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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