Graceful Dining: Bone China Lotus Garden Oval Platters

Elegance in Bloom with Every Course

Introducing our Bone China Lotus Garden Oval Platters – a symphony of botanical beauty that transforms every meal into a garden party. These platters, with their delicate floral designs and refined shape, bring the freshness of an English garden right to your table.


  • Superior Bone China: Celebrated for its durability and exquisite transparency, bone china ensures a combination of resilience and elegance.
  • Charming Floral Motif: Adorned with a captivating lotus garden print, these platters make every dish a visual feast.
  • Pastel Color Scheme: A palette of soft, soothing hues complements any table setting and celebrates the serene beauty of nature.
  • Set of Two: Ideal for hosting or family dinners, these platters are perfect for a variety of dishes from appetizers to main courses.
  • Oval Elegance: The oval shape provides ample space for presentation, adding a touch of sophistication to your serving style.

Detailed Description:

  • Artisanal Detailing: Each platter is a canvas where the lotus print tells a story of tranquility and elegance.
  • Lustrous Glaze: A high-gloss finish not only protects the beautiful print but also makes for easy cleaning.
  • Gilded Edges: The fine gold trim around each platter adds a luxurious touch, ideal for festive occasions or everyday elegance.
  • Versatile Functionality: These platters are not only perfect for serving but also double as stunning centerpieces.

 Goodwoods British Market is more than a store; it's a gateway to a world where tea time is anytime and elegance is served on a platter. Our Bone China Lotus Garden Oval Platters are a testament to our commitment to bringing you the finest in dining elegance. They say, "To eat is human; to dine, divine," and with these platters, every meal is an affair to remember.

So whether you're arranging cucumber sandwiches or showcasing your latest culinary creation, these platters from Goodwoods are your partners in dining perfection. And remember, in true British fashion, we believe that a meal without a chuckle is like a teapot without tea – utterly pointless! Hence, we serve our homewares with a side of humor, ensuring that your dining experience is as joyous as it is tasteful. After all, at Goodwoods British Market, we don't just set the table; we set the mood for memories in the making.

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