Charming Peony Bloom Purple Footed Mug

Step into a world of elegance and charm with our Peony Bloom Purple Footed Mug, a perfect marriage of form and function for those who take their tea seriously - with a hint of whimsy.

Product Features:

    • Lavish Floral Artistry: Adorned with a lush array of purple peonies and green foliage, each mug is a botanical artwork that brings the serenity of an English garden to your table.
    • Fine Bone China Elegance: Crafted from the finest bone china, offering not only a superior, glossy finish but also the durability needed for daily grace and grandeur.
    • Comfortable to Cradle: Ergonomically designed with a comfortable handle and a charming footed base, ensuring a cozy grip and a no-slip sip.
    • Generous Proportions: With a capacity generous enough for the heartiest of brews, this mug understands that when it comes to tea, more is always better.
    • Versatile and Practical: Fully equipped to handle the rigours of modern appliances, it's both dishwasher and microwave safe.
    • Material: Premium Fine Bone China
    • Volume: Holds 350 ml of your favourite tea
    • Dimensions: Perfectly sized for a proper cuppa
    • Care Instructions: Effortlessly clean, dishwasher and microwave safe
    • Set Includes: 4 enchanting mugs, because one is never enough

    Imagine sitting back in a plush armchair, a biscuit in one hand, and our Peony Bloom Purple Footed Mug in the other. As you sip your Earl Grey, the delicate fragrance of peonies seems to waft in, a reminder of spring days and garden strolls. These mugs don't just hold tea; they cradle comfort, exude elegance, and whisper stories of tea parties past.

    Designed for the discerning tea lover, the mug's footed base is a nod to traditional tea service, keeping your brew warm and your spirits high. The robust handle is perfectly sized for a firm, pinky-out grip – because let's face it, we're all a bit posh at teatime.

    Whether you're hosting a grand tea party or enjoying a solitary moment of peace, these mugs add a touch of sophistication. Each sip feels like a warm embrace, a cosy chat with an old friend, or a hearty laugh in the face of a drizzly day – because that's what British resilience (and humour) is all about.

    Why Goodwoods British Market?

    When it's time to stock your cupboard with the finest tea and accessories, there's only one place to turn: Goodwoods British Market. With an unmatched selection that's as varied as British weather and customer service that's as warm as a freshly brewed cup of tea, Goodwoods is your one-stop shop for all things tea.

    So, when you fancy a spot of tea, and not just any mug will do, turn to the Peony Bloom Purple Footed Mug from Goodwoods British Market. It's more than just a mug – it's a slice of British heritage, a dash of humour, and a whole lot of heart. At Goodwoods, we believe that life's too short for bad tea and ugly mugs. So, cheerio, pop in and let us add a splash of joy to your tea time. Because, honestly, we know you're only here to avoid doing the washing up.

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