An assortment of chocolates. A delicious assortment of chocolates which includes the following flavors: Caramel, Golden Barrel, Hazel in Caramel, Hazel Whirl, Country Fudge, Signature Truffle and Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunk Our cocoa beans are sourced through the Cocoa Life Sustainability Program. 

Great as a special gift for someone, and perfect for passing round at Christmas, This Roses Tin!! Cadburys Roses is a bona fide British classic that remains as popular as ever today.

First launched in 1938, today’s selection contains 10 varieties, including confectionary classics such as the Country Fudge, Hazel Whirl and Golden Barrel.

Roses take their name from the packaging company (the Rose Brothers) that was responsible for making the machines used to wrap the sweets.

Cadbury Roses Tin 900g/2lbs

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