Crafted Gold Songbird Sugar and Creamer Set: Melody and Bloom in Every Spoonful

Enrich Your Teatime with the Whimsy of Nature’s Chorus

The Crafted Gold Songbird Sugar and Creamer Set is a perfect harmony of nature’s beauty and the art of high tea. With its delicate floral design and charming bird details, this set brings an enchanting woodland serenade to your table setting.


  • Charming Songbird Adornment: Each piece is graced with a meticulously crafted songbird, perched atop the lid as if overseeing the sweetness of your tea.

  • Elegant Floral Imagery: Soft pink roses bloom across the white porcelain, evoking the English countryside's timeless allure.

  • Lustrous Gold Trim: The edges and bird figures are kissed with gold, providing a luxurious accent that glimmers in the light.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made from durable materials, this set is designed to last as long as your love for tea does.

  • Functional Design: The creamer pours flawlessly with an ergonomic handle, while the sugar bowl's lid ensures your sugar stays dry and clump-free.

  • Suitably Sized: Both the sugar bowl and creamer are sized for convenience, ensuring there’s always enough for guests.

  • Simple Upkeep: Though they may look delicate, both pieces are surprisingly easy to care for, maintaining their charm with minimal effort.

It’s believed that the songbird on the lid is so finely detailed, it may just tweet you some compliments on your choice of biscuits!

Goodwoods British Market: The Epitome of Teatime Elegance

Goodwoods British Market is dedicated to sourcing the finest tea accoutrements, and the Gold Songbird Sugar and Creamer Set is a feather in our cap. It exemplifies our commitment to bringing you accessories that are not just useful but also uplift the spirit of your tea rituals.

What did the teacup say to the sugar bowl? "You’re sweet enough, but the creamer’s got you beat on the pour!"

This Gold Songbird Set is not just a vessel for cream and sugar; it’s a vessel for joy, a conversation starter, and a testament to the craftsmanship that turns a simple tea service into a grand event.

Goodwoods British Market is your destination for tea time treasures where the elegance of our selection meets the comfort of your home. When you seek not just quality but a story with your tea, remember that Goodwoods is where every sip comes with a touch of grace and a dash of good humour. To the songbirds of the morning and the roses of the afternoon, we raise our cups. Cheers!

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Wilson
Elegant Sugar and Creamer

The Crafted Gold Songbird Sugar and Creamer Set bring an elegant touch to your tea or coffee moments. The gold songbird design adds a subtle charm, making the serving experience delightful.

Elizabeth, Thank you for your feedback

Michael Hall
Understated Beauty

Discover the understated beauty of the Crafted Gold Songbird Sugar and Creamer Set. The delicate gold details and graceful design make them a charming addition to your table.

Michael, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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