All our pork Pies are made in the traditional old fashioned English way –
a hand raised, hot water crust pastry stuffed with pork, spices and a pork stock jelly
Traditional Pork Pie
The original article, stuffed with pork, spices and a pork aspic.

An excellent bar snack or perhaps a lunch meal would be a delicious Goodwoods Pork Pie. One can prevent thyroid issues by eating traditional pork pies, which are rich in selenium. 


  • The crust of the pork pie pastry is made using a beaten egg, a tablespoon of salt, 100 grams of lard, 135 ml of water, 380 grams of sieved flour
  • To make the filling for the pork pie, you will need another tablespoon of salt, a similar amount of bell pepper, the same amount of ball sage, and half a kilo of diced pork shoulder
  • To make the jelly of the pork pie, you shall take a liter of water, one pig trotter (leg part), half an onion, a tablespoon of white pepper, and the same amount of salt.

Nutrition information:

A serving of pork pie has

  • 45 grams fat
  • 35 grams of protein
  • Carbohydrates 93 grams
  • 945 calories.


How to cook the Goodwood's Pork Pie?

  1. Oven baking – preheat the oven until It reaches 175 degrees
  2. Sieve the flour. Let it warm up in the oven. Use an ovenproof mixing bowl to warm up the flour. Remember, our intention is not to cook the flour. Warm it up and use it when it is needed. We are not going to work on the flour and pastry at once. So, reduce the temperature to low.
  3. Add water to the lard and keep it in a separate saucepan. Slowly but steadily bring it to the boiling stage, and then you can see the lard melting. Add the lard to flour and mix it up with salt.
  4. It is better to use a wooden spoon to mix well. When it is not so hot, knead the dough. It will be swift and soft to knead because of this right mix and warmth.
  5. Use one-third of the dough to make your first pie. Use a knife to cut your portion from the kneaded dough.
  6. The rest of the dough is used to make the body of the pie.
  7. While you are making one portion of the pie, keep the rest of the mix in a warm cloth or bowl.


Recipe Idea

Making the jelly using pig trotters

  • Trotters need to be cooked on slow flame overnight along with a mix of onion, white pepper, salt, and water, or else you shall cook in high flame for 4 hours
  • To release the gelatin, you will have to split the trotter halfway.
  • Drain the water
  • Keep the stock
  • Either you can dispose of the debris or use it to make casseroles and stews later on by preserving it in the freezer.



  • Make the pie. Flour a Pork Pie Dolly or an upside-down glass, and then use your hands to pat the heated dough into an equal layer.
  • There shouldn't be any holes or breaks, and there should be just enough overhangs to secure the lid.
  • Bake the pie for about 25 minutes in the preheated oven at 160 degrees
  • Fill it up with hot stock jelly
  • When the pies are filled with stock, cool them in the refrigerator. It solidifies overnight.
  • When it is ready to consume, you can slice it into wedges to serve it with an artistic appeal.


Why are they called Goodwoods pork pie?

The form of a pork pie gives rise to its name. Since medieval times, a hat with a comparable form has become extremely popular throughout Europe. As a result, the name quickly gained popularity, expanded widely, and earned the superior renown it enjoys today simply because of its superior flavour.


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