Hummingbird Garden Salad Plates - Set of 4

Dine Amidst the Whispers of Nature

Introducing the Hummingbird Garden Salad Plates, where each piece is a canvas that brings the delicate beauty of a blossoming garden right to your table. This set of four porcelain plates is adorned with the charming dance of hummingbirds amongst blushing roses, offering a picturesque dining experience.

Key Features:

  • Exquisite Floral Design: Lush roses and tender greenery sprawl across the surface, creating a serene garden scene.
  • Charming Hummingbird Accents: Playful hummingbirds grace each plate, adding a dynamic sense of movement and life.
  • Elegant Gold Rim: Each plate is framed with a fine gold line, lending a touch of sophistication to the table.
  • Perfectly Sized for Fresh Salads: Though ideal for salad, these versatile plates also provide an elegant presentation for desserts and appetizers.
  • High-Quality Porcelain: Crafted from fine porcelain, they offer both the resilience needed for regular use and the delicacy fitting of special occasions.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Designed for convenience, these plates are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.
  • Beautifully Packaged: Ready to gift or to become a cherished part of your own collection, the set arrives in a beautifully designed box.

The Hummingbird Garden Salad Plates are more than just dishes; they're a testament to the artistry of nature and the joy of fine dining.

  • Perfect for those 'light as a feather' salads or for a 'sweet as nectar' dessert.
  • Ideal for the 'early birds' who like their lunch served with a side of charm.
  • A 'fluttering' addition to your table that's sure to 'hum' with conversation.

Goodwoods British Market: The Pinnacle of British Tableware

At Goodwoods British Market, we believe in the timeless beauty of a well-set table. Our Hummingbird Garden Salad Plates reflect our dedication to offering pieces that are as much a joy to look at as they are to use. With a range that spans the best in tea and tea accessories, Goodwoods is your go-to for tableware that truly makes a statement.

As you present these plates to your guests, you might say with a smile, "Here's hoping your conversation is as light and lively as our hummingbird friends!" It's this sort of light-hearted jest that brings a uniquely British blend of warmth and whimsy to every meal.

In conclusion, Goodwoods British Market is your destination for exceptional tea-time elegance and dining sophistication. Our Hummingbird Garden Salad Plates are just one highlight in a curated collection where every piece is imbued with beauty, quality, and a touch of British humor.

Step into Goodwoods British Market, where every item, from the most delicate teapot to the loveliest salad plate, is selected to add a dash of joy and elegance to your dining rituals. Here, every piece tells a story, and every meal is an occasion.



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