Individually wrapped mini mint milk chocolate with a malt filling and honeycombed pieces in reindeer shapes. Weight 59g.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Maltesers Mint Mini Reindeer Pouch, a delightful festive treat that combines the classic goodness of Maltesers with a refreshing hint of mint! Produced with care, this 59g pouch is the perfect holiday indulgence for those seeking a unique and mouthwatering experience.

Experience the signature crunch of Maltesers, now paired with a cool and invigorating mint flavor, creating a sensational taste sensation that will leave you craving for more. Each mini reindeer-shaped piece is crafted to perfection, ensuring a delightful blend of smooth chocolate, crispy malt centers, and refreshing minty goodness in every bite.

Embrace the spirit of the season with these adorable and festive mini reindeer treats. Perfect for sharing, gifting, or simply enjoying on your own, Maltesers Mint Mini Reindeer Pouch is sure to add a touch of holiday magic to any occasion.

The 59g pouch is conveniently sized, making it easy to carry along on winter adventures, enjoy during festive gatherings, or simply to have on hand whenever a sweet craving strikes. 

Indulge guilt-free, as Maltesers Mint Mini Reindeer Pouch contains no artificial colors, preserving the natural goodness of the ingredients and making it a delightful treat for everyone to relish.

So, why wait for the holiday season? Treat yourself or your loved ones to the captivating Maltesers Mint Mini Reindeer Pouch, and experience a delightful fusion of British confectionery excellence and festive charm. Order yours now and savor the joy of this one-of-a-kind minty chocolate delight!

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