McVitie's Victoria Biscuit Carton

Step into a world of biscuit luxury with McVitie's Victoria Biscuit Carton, an assortment of Britain's finest biscuits. This premium collection combines the timeless tradition of McVitie's biscuit-making with a variety of delicious flavours, textures, and chocolates for an indulgent tea-time treat.

Each biscuit in this selection is meticulously crafted in the United Kingdom, guaranteeing the superb quality that McVitie's has been renowned for since 1830. From the decadent, creamy delight of milk, dark, and white chocolate covered biscuits to the classic crunch of a Chocolate Digestive, the Victoria selection offers a unique experience with each bite.

The McVitie's Victoria Biscuit Carton is perfect for sharing during gatherings with friends and family, special occasions, or treating yourself to a moment of biscuit bliss. The assortment ensures there's something to satisfy every biscuit lover's palate.

Presented in an elegantly designed carton, McVitie's Victoria makes for a delightful gift. It also serves as an attractive centerpiece at gatherings, inviting everyone to reach in and find their favourite biscuit.

With McVitie's Victoria, you're not just enjoying a biscuit. You're partaking in a heritage of British biscuit craftsmanship, savouring a variety of textures and flavours that McVitie's has perfected over almost two centuries.

Includes: Fully Coated Milk Chocolate Square, Plain Chocolate Finger Cookie, Fully Coated Milk Chocolate Digestives, Half Coated Plain Chocolate Digestives, Milk Chocolate Shortcake, Choc Crumble, Milk Chocolate Wheel, Chocolate Chip Cookie, White Chocolate Cream Wafer, Milk Chocolate Biscuit

McVities Victoria Deliciously Indulgent Biscuit Large Selection Carton. 550g.

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