"Minty Blossoms: The Floral Tea Cup Collection"

 Embrace a Touch of Spring with the Mint Floral Garden Tea Cup Set

Product Description:

Welcome a whisper of spring to your teatime rituals with the Mint Floral Garden Tea Cup Set. This exquisite collection of two tea cups and saucers features a duo of designs, each blooming with the beauty of a serene garden. Delicate floral motifs in shades of pink and purple grace the surface, while a fresh mint background provides a tranquil canvas for the blossoms to unfold.

Product Features:

  • Charming Floral Motifs: Each cup boasts a unique flower illustration, bringing variety and charm to your collection.
  • Refreshing Mint Palette: A soothing mint green hue serves as the backdrop for vibrant botanicals.
  • Gold-Tinged Splendor: Elegant gold trim lines the edges, lending a touch of luxury to your tea experience.
  • Durable Porcelain Make: Crafted from robust porcelain, these cups are built to last and delight for years.
  • Tea for Two: Perfect for sharing a cuppa with a friend or loved one in style.
  • Exquisite Packaging: Comes in a lovely set of four, ready for gifting or as a treat to yourself.

"They say a proper cup of tea can fix anything, and with cups like these, you'll be half-way to paradise before the kettle's even boiled! And remember, if the tea doesn't do the trick, at least you've got the prettiest cup to cry into."

For those who understand that the essence of tea is not just in its brew but in its presentation, Goodwoods British Market presents the Mint Floral Garden Tea Cup Set. Swing by Goodwoods for this blooming set and discover why we're the crème de la crème for all things tea. It's about time your tea leaves met their match in elegance, don't you think? After all, we Brits do tea like we do queues – exceptionally well and with a polite smile. Cheers!

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