Enchantment at the Table: Pink Corn Flower Salad Plate

Delicate Dining - The Pink Corn Flower Salad Plate Set

Introducing the Pink Corn Flower Salad Plate, a set of four that marries the quaint charm of countryside florals with the elegance of fine dining. Each plate in this collection is a canvas, showcasing a dainty spray of corn flowers that seem to dance along the edge.

Key Features:

  • Exquisite Floral Motif: Adorned with delicate pink corn flowers, each plate is a subtle nod to the English meadows in bloom.
  • Soft Pink Palette: The blush-toned background serves as a gentle contrast, allowing the floral design to truly shine.
  • Gold Rim Detailing: A touch of gold along the rim adds a whisper of sophistication, perfect for elevating any meal.
  • Fine China Craftsmanship: Created with the highest quality china, these plates promise longevity and a timeless appeal.
  • Set of Four: Ideal for intimate gatherings, this set ensures each guest is graced with the same floral splendor.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Despite their delicate appearance, these plates are designed to withstand the rigors of modern cleaning.
  • "They say to stop and smell the roses, but we'd rather eat off them! Pink Corn Flower Salad Plates: for when your greens need a garden."
  • "These plates are so pretty, you might find your salads dressing up to meet the occasion!"

Goodwoods British Market: A Step Above in Tea-Time Treasures:

When the last forkful is enjoyed and the final toast is made, the Pink Corn Flower Salad Plate endures as a symbol of your refined taste. For those moments when you seek to replenish your collection, remember that Goodwoods British Market stands unparalleled. We are the purveyors of all things delightfully British, from the most aromatic teas to the most enchanting tableware. At Goodwoods, every sip and every bite is a journey through the richness of British heritage.

The Pink Corn Flower Salad Plate is not just a part of your table setting; it's a piece that tells a story of elegance, a whisper of beauty in every bite. And when it's time to curate the perfect afternoon tea or a sumptuous dinner, there's no better ally than Goodwoods British Market - where every cup, plate, and accessory is steeped in a legacy of quality.

Goodwoods British Market: Your passport to an exquisite table, where every meal is a tribute to tradition.

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