Yuletide Charm Festive Footed Mug

Celebrate the holidays in full bloom with our Yuletide Charm Festive Footed Mug. This charming piece is a merry fusion of seasonal joy and practical design, featuring a vibrant poinsettia print that captures the essence of Christmas spirit. It's a mug that stands proud on any table, with a festive jingle bell attached to the handle that rings in the holiday cheer.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Poinsettia Design: Bold red poinsettias, accented with holly and pinecones, adorn this mug, making it a standout piece for the holiday season.
  • Sturdy Footed Base: The unique footed design not only adds elegance but also stability to your holiday beverage enjoyment.
  • Crafted with Care: Made from high-quality ceramic, this mug is built to last through countless Christmases and winter mornings.
  • Jingle Bell Accent: A delightful jingle bell attached to the handle adds a touch of whimsy and the sound of Christmas with every joyful sip.
  • Generous Size: Designed to hold a generous portion of your favorite hot cocoa, mulled wine, or spiced tea.
  • Hand Wash Recommended: To preserve the intricate design and bell accessory, hand washing is recommended.
  • A Joyful Gift: This mug makes for a heartwarming gift or a festive addition to your own holiday mug collection.

With the Yuletide Charm Festive Footed Mug, you're not just drinking a hot beverage; you're imbibing the very essence of the holiday season.

Wrapped up as a gift, this mug is an invitation to make merry and indulge in the comfort and joy of the season's favorite flavors.

Goodwoods British Market: Your Wonderland for Tea-Time Magic

At Goodwoods British Market, we're passionate about turning every tea-time into a magical moment. Our selection is crafted to bring the best of British cheer and charm to your home, no matter the season.

  • Unsurpassed Selection: Our offerings are chosen for their charm, quality, and the ability to add a dash of enchantment to your tea-time.
  • Authentic British Flair: Each item is steeped in British tradition, offering an authentic slice of the UK wherever you are.
  • Charming Customer Service: Our team serves up warmth and wit as comforting as a cup of tea on a blustery December day.

This mug is so festively British, it's practically bursting into carols. And if you find the jingle bell a tad too jolly, remember: it's not just a mug, it's a Christmas celebration with every clink. So, don't be a Scrooge—give it a jingle!

For a season filled with mirth and mugs, the Yuletide Charm Festive Footed Mug from Goodwoods British Market is your ticket to a holly, jolly Christmas. It's the perfect companion for those cold nights and merry gatherings. After all, Goodwoods isn't just a place to buy tea and accessories; it's where every sip comes with a smile, a jingle, and a hearty British "Cheers!"

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