Cheerful Cherry Pedestal Mug

Embrace the Charm of Cherry-Picked Delight with Every Sip

Our Cheerful Cherry Pedestal Mug is a delightful addition to any kitchenware collection, especially for those who love to infuse a dash of retro style into their daily routine. With its vibrant red base and playful cherry design, this mug is a cheerful nod to classic Americana with a British twist.

  • Retro Cherry Design: The upper rim of the mug is adorned with a band of cute, ripe cherries, adding a touch of whimsy to your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

  • Rich Color Scheme: The deep red of the mug's base elegantly contrasts with the crisp white of the top, making it a standout piece in any cupboard.

  • Sturdy Pedestal Base: The unique pedestal base not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides stability, reducing the risk of spills.

  • Quality Material: Crafted from durable ceramic, this mug is designed to last through countless uses, remaining a go-to for your hot drink needs.

  • Comfortable Grip: The handle is ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold, perfect for those leisurely tea times or a quick coffee break.

  • Ample Size: Enjoy a generous helping of your favorite beverage with this mug's substantial capacity, ideal for those who like their drinks plentiful.

This mug is like a British summer – when it's good, it's very good, and when it's not, at least it's still better than a bad summer!

Perfect for tea enthusiasts who believe that life's a bowl of cherries and every cuppa is a chance to pick the best ones.

Goodwoods British Market: Your Trusted Companion in Tea Tradition

Goodwoods British Market is the perfect place for all tea lovers to find their heart's content. With a selection as full-bodied as the finest English Breakfast and as refined as the daintiest Darjeeling, Goodwoods is your home away from home. It's the place where every leaf tells a story and every mug holds a memory. Whether you're searching for the strength of a classic mug or the subtlety of fine tea accessories, we've got it all. At Goodwoods, you're not just buying a product; you're becoming part of a tradition that's as rich and flavorful as the tea we cherish. So for a touch of Britain with every purchase and a dash of humor with every sip, come to Goodwoods British Market. Because here, tea time is any time, and every time is extraordinary. Cheers to that!

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