An almond marzipan, ideal for covering, modelling and creating sweet treats. Can easily be colored and flavored. 500g

Renshaw is a British food manufacturing company established in 1898 that prides itself on having a predominantly local workforce. It is also proud to be the grantee of a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, having first been granted one by George VI in 1950 for almond products.

Ideas for Marzipan use: 

  1. Cake Covering: Marzipan is often used as a covering for traditional cakes, such as the British Battenberg and Christmas cakes. It can be rolled out and draped over cakes as a smooth and sweet layer beneath the icing, or used to create decorative patterns on the cake's surface.

  2. Candy Making: Marzipan can be colored and sculpted into a wide array of shapes, including fruits (Marzipan fruits are quite popular), animals, and other novelty items. These make for attractive dessert table additions, cake toppers, or unique, edible gifts.

  3. Filling for Sweet Breads and Pastries: It can be used as a filling in various sweet bread and pastries. Examples include stollen (a German Christmas bread), marzipan croissants, or Danish pastries.

  4. Ingredients in Cookies and Cakes: Ground marzipan can be used in cake and cookie batters to add a distinct, sweet almond flavor.

  5. Coating for Chocolates: Some types of chocolates, especially bonbons or truffles, use marzipan as a sweet, flavorful coating or filling.

  6. Dessert Decorations: Besides being sculpted into standalone treats, marzipan can be molded into roses, leaves, or other shapes to decorate cakes, cupcakes, or other desserts.

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