Whispering Blossom Rose Bud Salad Plates - Set of 4

The Whispering Blossom Rose Bud Salad Plates are a vision of springtime delight. In this charming set of four, each plate is sprinkled with dainty rosebuds, as if a soft breeze had scattered them across a porcelain canvas. The subtle artistry and classic design make these plates a poetic addition to any meal where salads are served amidst laughter and light-hearted conversation.

Product Features:

  • Delicate Rose Bud Motif: Tiny rosebuds in shades of blush and green are scattered across the surface, offering a print that is both understated and enchanting.
  • Gold Rimmed Elegance: A fine gold line traces the rim, providing a luxurious border that frames the floral pattern.
  • Ideal Size for Salads: At 10.5 inches in diameter, these plates are sized just right for salads, offering ample space for leafy greens and colorful toppings.
  • Quality Porcelain Make: Constructed from high-grade porcelain, these plates combine durability with a lightweight feel.
  • Simplistic Care: The set is dishwasher safe, blending convenience with classic style for daily use.
  • Team with delicate crystal stemware to complement the plates' refined aesthetic.
  • Match with pastel-colored table linens to enhance the fresh, floral theme.

The Goodwoods British Market Pledge: At Goodwoods British Market, we strive to bring the best of British tableware to those who appreciate a touch of timeless elegance. Our Rose Bud Salad Plates are selected for their beauty, quality, and ability to turn any dining occasion into an event graced with English charm.

  • Finely Curated Assortment: From the heartiest of teas to the most exquisite dinnerware, our selection is unmatched.
  • Unsurpassed Quality: We ensure that each piece we offer meets our high standards for quality and aesthetics.
  • Heartfelt Service: Our customer service is as genuine and personal as a handwritten letter from a dear friend.
  • Tradition with a Modern Twist: We honor British heritage while embracing contemporary tastes that cater to modern homes.

What did one rosebud say to the other? "I think we've blossomed on the wrong plate!" Perfect for those who like their salads served with a side of petal-powered wit.

If you're in search of the perfect blend of tea and elegance for your table, Goodwoods British Market is your haven. We don't just sell tea and tea accessories; we provide an experience infused with quality, tradition, and a spoonful of British humor. So for a dash of floral finesse that will make every meal a blooming success, choose Goodwoods. We're all about 'serving' up a bit of Britain with every bite!

Customer Reviews

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William Lee
Garden-Inspired Dining

Dining with these salad plates feels like being in a beautiful garden. The Rose Bud design is garden-inspired and charming. The plates are the right size for salads or appetizers, and they are a breeze to clean. They also come in a set of four, perfect for intimate gatherings. I love the touch of elegance they bring to my dining experience. A lovely addition to my kitchen collection.

William, Thank you for your feedback

Michael Smith
Delicate Beauty

These salad plates are a delicate beauty on my dining table. The Rose Bud design is charming and adds a touch of femininity to meals. They are of the perfect size for salads or desserts, and I appreciate their quality. These plates are now a part of my regular dinnerware rotation, and I couldn't be happier with their aesthetic appeal.

Michael, Thank you for your feedback

Linda Clark
Timeless Floral Charm

These salad plates exude timeless floral charm. The Rose Bud pattern is classic, and the plates themselves are sturdy and well-made. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for everyday use. Whether it's a casual dinner or a special occasion, these plates add a touch of sophistication to every meal. I highly recommend them to anyone who appreciates floral elegance.

Linda, Thank you for your feedback

William Smith
Elegance in Every Bite

Elegance is served with every bite when using these salad plates. The Rose Bud design is truly elegant and elevates the presentation of my dishes. They are also practical, being both dishwasher and microwave safe. The set of four is perfect for intimate gatherings, and I find myself receiving compliments on these plates. A delightful addition to my kitchen.

William, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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