Bloom and Blossom: The Hand-Painted Blue & Orange Salad Plates Set

 Feast Your Eyes on Floral Elegance with Our Hand-Painted Salad Plate Ensemble

Introduction: Introducing our Blue & Orange Hand-Painted Salad Plates, a set of four that exudes the vibrancy of a sun-kissed garden. These plates are a homage to the charm of hand-painted ceramics, crafted to bring a splash of color and artisanal flair to your dining experience. Perfect for those who appreciate a dash of nature's palette at their table.

Product Highlights:

  • Exquisite Hand-Painted Artistry: Each plate showcases a lively floral motif, painted with a bold and bright blend of blues and oranges against a serene backdrop.
  • One-of-a-Kind Craftsmanship: Skilfully hand-painted by artisans, ensuring that no two plates are exactly alike.
  • Multipurpose Marvel: Ideal for salads, desserts, or as standalone decorative pieces to beautify your living space.
  • Durability Meets Design: Constructed for daily use, these plates balance beauty with functionality.
  • Material: Premium ceramic with a protective glaze for longevity.
  • Size: Perfectly proportioned for individual servings.
  • Care Advice: Dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning, microwave friendly for convenience.
  • Set Details: Carefully packaged as a set of four, guaranteeing safe delivery to your doorstep.
  • Elevate your dining with plates that turn meals into an art display.
  • The ideal present for art enthusiasts and lovers of unique tableware.
  • Complements a wide range of culinary delights, from light snacks to gourmet courses.
  • Part of an exclusive collection, inviting mix-and-match table arrangements.

 The Blue & Orange Hand-Painted Salad Plates not only serve your favorite dishes but also dish out a feast for the eyes. They encapsulate the lively essence of a painter's garden, bringing zest and life to each meal.

 Goodwoods British Market is your ultimate stop for all things quintessentially tea. We understand that a complete tea experience is crafted with not just the brew, but the full atmosphere. From our wide array of fine teas to our intricately designed tableware, we offer everything to transform your tea moments into memorable celebrations.

Adorn your table with these hand-painted gems from our collection and add a slice of British refinement and a dollop of humour to your gatherings. Picture this: a group of mates, a spread of scrumptious bites, and these blooming plates whispering, "We're not your garden-variety tableware!" At Goodwoods, we're all about the charm, the chit-chat, and a good chinwag over a cuppa. So, let's make every meal a tad more brilliant, shall we? Cheers to delightful dining with a side of Goodwoods' signature hospitality!

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