Shabby Rose Cream Porcelain Tea Set

Step into a blooming English garden with our Shabby Rose Cream Porcelain Tea Set, an ensemble that promises to transform your tea times into an affair of floral fancy and timeless elegance.

Key Features:

  • Charming Floral Motif: Adorned with a lush array of roses and wildflowers in vibrant hues, this set brings the splendor of a cottage garden to your tabletop.
  • Complete Tea Service: This 11-piece set includes a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, four cups, and four saucers, offering a full service for a party of four.
  • Fine Craftsmanship: Each piece is crafted from premium porcelain, known for its durability, chip resistance, and splendid finish, ensuring that the set remains a favorite for years.
  • Elegant Design: With its soft cream background and scattered floral pattern, the set boasts a shabby chic style that’s both quaint and sophisticated.
  • Gold Accenting: Trimmed with delicate gold edging, the pieces offer an added touch of luxury, making the set ideal for both casual and formal occasions.

This tea set isn’t just about enjoying a cuppa; it’s about indulging in a cherished British tradition. It’s perfect for those moments when only the finest tea will do, served in a set that's as pretty as the pastries on your plate.

They say every rose has its thorn, but this Shabby Rose Tea Set only has cups of charm – and not a single prickly bit in sight, unless you count the one time Uncle John tried to pour the milk before the tea. We’re still not over that faux pas.

At Goodwoods British Market, your tea set is just the beginning. Complement your Shabby Rose Cream Porcelain Tea Set with our selection of fine teas, from robust Earl Grey to aromatic Jasmine, along with our array of tea biscuits and sweets.

Why Goodwoods British Market?

Goodwoods British Market is the place where every tea lover’s dream comes to fruition. We offer not just products but a passport to the elegance and refinement of a true British tea experience. We understand that every sip matters, and so does every laugh shared over a steaming pot.

When you choose to shop at Goodwoods for your tea and accessories, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re curating memories. So, for the love of tea and all things British, let Goodwoods British Market be the cornerstone of your tea traditions.

Make every tea time a floral fiesta with the Shabby Rose Cream Porcelain Tea Set, and let Goodwoods British Market be the go-to for all your tea needs. After all, life’s too short for anything less than a blooming good tea party. Cheerio!

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