Shabby Rose Cream Sugar and Creamer Set: A Bouquet of Function and Flair

Embrace the Charm of a Country Cottage at Your Tea Table

The Shabby Rose Cream Sugar and Creamer Set invites a splash of countryside charm into your home with its vibrant floral design. This delightful duo, adorned with a tapestry of garden blooms, infuses your tea time with the freshness of spring.


  • Exuberant Floral Pattern: A cheerful array of garden flowers brings a lively and homely touch to your tea service.

  • Soft Creamy Backdrop: The light cream color of the porcelain provides a soothing canvas for the bright floral accents, creating a warm, inviting look.

  • Gold Trim Elegance: Subtle gold trim outlines the pieces, adding a hint of classic elegance without overwhelming the set's rustic charm.

  • Crafted for Comfort and Style: The sugar bowl is complete with a well-fitted lid and a decorative knob, while the creamer’s handle ensures a comfortable grip for pouring.

  • Generous Serving Sizes: The set is perfectly proportioned to serve several guests, making it ideal for both intimate gatherings and larger parties.

  • Durability Meets Delicacy: Made with care from quality materials, this set is both durable for everyday use and delicate enough for special occasions.

This set's so full of charm, it might just start pouring out tales of its English garden adventures!

The Perfect Pour at Goodwoods British Market:

Goodwoods British Market is the discerning tea lover’s go-to source for exceptional tea and accessories. Our Shabby Rose Cream Sugar and Creamer Set is a prime example of the quaint yet quintessential style we curate for our customers who appreciate a dash of nostalgia with their modern tea-drinking experience.

Why was the sugar bowl always optimistic? Because it saw the world through rose-tinted glazes!

This sugar and creamer set isn’t merely for serving—it’s for celebrating the timeless tradition of tea. It's about embracing the joy of sharing a pot of tea, adorned with the beauty of a blossoming garden, and the laughter that blooms around it.

At Goodwoods British Market, we invite you to explore a collection where every piece, like this Shabby Rose Cream Set, is chosen to elevate your tea time to an art form. So, steep a pot of your favorite blend, and let’s raise a cup to those sweet, creamy moments that are all the more delightful with a touch of Goodwoods charm. Cheers!

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