Shabby Rose Green Sugar and Creamer Set: A Garden of Delight for Your Table

Where Vintage Meets Versatility in Your Tea Time Ensemble

The Shabby Rose Green Sugar and Creamer Set brings the essence of an English garden into your home with a flourish of floral elegance. This set, drenched in the soft hues of spring and adorned with an array of blossoms, is sure to become the centerpiece of your tea-time tradition.


  • Captivating Floral Array: The set is embellished with a vibrant print of roses and wildflowers, evoking the charm of a cottage garden.

  • Sage Green Palette: A soothing sage green background sets off the bright floral motifs, adding depth and tranquility to the design.

  • Graceful Silhouettes: The sugar bowl and creamer boast elegant curves and ornate handles, marrying form and function in a dance of porcelain poetry.

  • Gilded Accents: Each piece is touched with subtle gold accents, framing the floral design with a hint of luxury.

  • Generous Capacities: Sized to serve, the set is perfect for those leisurely afternoons or a bustling brunch gathering.

  • Ease of Use: Designed with the user in mind, the set is as practical to use as it is beautiful to behold, ensuring a spill-free pour and easy access to sugar.

With a set as pretty as this, you'll have to remind your teapot not to get too steamed up with jealousy!

Goodwoods British Market: Your Haven for Tea Perfection

Goodwoods British Market is the epitome of tea-time excellence, offering an array of tea and tea accessories that exemplify the finest British traditions. Our Shabby Rose Green Sugar and Creamer Set is chosen with an appreciation for the timeless ritual of tea, ensuring a perfect blend of elegance and charm.

Why did the sugar bowl get a promotion? Because it was outstanding in its field of sweetening!

This set is not just a vessel for sugar and cream; it's a celebration of the beauty that a well-dressed table can bring to everyday life. It's about creating moments that are as sweet as the sugar it holds, as smooth as the cream it pours.

At Goodwoods British Market, we're passionate about providing a selection that turns your tea time from a simple beverage break into an occasion of joy and elegance. Explore our collection and find the perfect additions to your tea service, where every piece, including this charming set, is curated to enhance your enjoyment. Here's to the tea times made all the sweeter with a touch of Goodwoods grace. Cheers!

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