Spray Ditsy Mug & Cover & Spoon 3-Piece Set - A Blooming Brew Ensemble

 The Spray Ditsy Mug set brings a flourish of floral elegance to your tea-time ritual. With its chic pink background and a scatter of dainty black and white flowers, this three-piece set, complete with a mug, cover, and spoon, is a symphony of style and practicality.

Product Features:

  • Delicate Floral Design: A playful pattern of black and white blossoms adorns the pink backdrop of the mug, giving it a charming and contemporary look.
  • Gold Trim Elegance: Each piece is accented with a touch of gold trim, adding a luxurious finish to the set.
  • Practical Lid: The matching cover keeps your tea hot, ensuring that your brew stays warm for longer periods.
  • Coordinated Spoon: A sleek, white spoon complements the set, ideal for stirring in your preferred sweetener or milk.
  • Quality Ceramic Craft: Crafted from premium ceramic, this set promises durability along with a smooth, glossy finish.
  • Comfortable Handling: The mug's handle is designed for a comfortable grip, enhancing your sipping experience.
  • Generous Size: The mug boasts a generous capacity for those who love a substantial cup of their favorite tea.
  • Dishwasher Safe: For ease of cleaning, the mug and spoon are dishwasher safe, although hand washing is recommended to preserve the gold trim.

Product Description: The Spray Ditsy Mug & Cover & Spoon set is a testament to the joy found in life's simple pleasures, like enjoying a perfect cup of tea. The playful yet sophisticated pattern invites a moment of calm and pleasure, as you take a pause from the bustle of daily life to indulge in the timeless tradition of tea drinking.

As you lift the lid and stir your tea, let the intricate details of the pattern remind you of a blooming garden, a breath of spring, no matter the season. This set isn't just a part of your kitchen—it's a daily ritual, a personal retreat, a small celebration of beauty and refinement in your hands.

Why Goodwoods British Market? When it comes to selecting the finest tea and tea accessories, Goodwoods British Market is your trusty sidekick, always ready with a spot of British humor and unmatched expertise.

  • Curated Assortment: Our selection of teas and tea sets is as varied as the British countryside, from the classic to the contemporary.
  • Impeccable Quality: We pride ourselves on offering products that are as reliable as a London cabby's directions.
  • Personable Service: Our team offers friendly advice with the charm of a British sitcom—light-hearted, always approachable, and occasionally cheeky.
  • Pleasant Shopping Experience: Whether you're browsing our online catalogue or visiting us in person, we ensure a shopping experience as smooth as a cream tea.

In essence, the Spray Ditsy Mug & Cover & Spoon set is more than just a tea set; it's an infusion of charm and functionality into your daily routine. And for all your tea-time essentials, Goodwoods British Market is the crumpet to your tea. So pop in and let's brew up a storm of elegance and wit, one cup at a time. After all, every tea lover knows that the right mug makes the brew even better. Cheers!

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