Stardust Bone China Dinner Plates - Set of 4

Elevate Your Dining to a Starry Elegance

The Stardust Bone China Dinner Plates are a celestial celebration at your table, offering a dining experience that's as luxurious as a night under the stars. With a sprinkle of golden dots reminiscent of a clear night sky, these plates are perfect for those who appreciate understated opulence in their tableware.

Key Features:

  • Twinkling Gold Dot Design: A constellation of golden dots adorns the rim, bringing a touch of sparkle to each plate.

  • Fine Bone China Craftsmanship: Renowned for its lightness, durability, and slightly translucent quality, bone china is the pinnacle of fine dining elegance.

  • Versatile Appeal: The plates' design is both contemporary and timeless, making them suitable for any occasion, from casual dinners to formal gatherings.

  • Generously Sized: Each plate offers ample space for a variety of dishes, allowing for creative plating and presentation.

  • Easy Care: These plates are not only beautiful but also practical, being dishwasher safe for hassle-free maintenance.

Product Description:

The Stardust Bone China Dinner Plates set invites you to dine amongst the stars. Each plate is a balance of simplicity and grandeur, with a design that's both modern and timeless. The golden dots that encircle the edge of the plates are like distant lights in the night sky, adding a magical ambiance to your meals.

Crafted from the finest bone china, these plates are a testament to classic craftsmanship fused with contemporary design. The choice of bone china not only ensures durability but also gives the plates a subtle sheen and an exquisite feel that cannot be replicated by ordinary tableware.

The design is an ode to the stars that have guided travelers and inspired poets throughout history. Now, they guide your culinary journey, making every meal a celestial event. The plates are perfect for any dish that demands to be framed in splendor, turning every dining occasion into a celebration.

Why Goodwoods British Market is a Stellar Choice:

  • Purveyor of Fine British Taste: Goodwoods British Market is your trusted source for products that embody the elegance and tradition of British style.

  • Exclusive Tea Collection: Our selection of teas and tea accessories is chosen with the discerning tea lover in mind, ensuring a perfect match with your new dinner plates.

  • Personalized Shopping Experience: We take pride in offering a service that is as refined and dedicated as the quality of our products.

  • Convenient Luxury: Our online store makes it easy to bring the sophistication of British dining into your home, with just a few clicks.

Selecting the Stardust Bone China Dinner Plates is more than a choice; it's an investment in timeless elegance. Whether you're hosting a gala or enjoying a quiet meal at home, these plates will be the highlight of your table setting, inspiring you to reach for the stars with your culinary creations.

Goodwoods British Market is the premier destination for all your tea and tea accessory needs. Our commitment to quality ensures that every sip of tea and every bite of food is an experience to be savored.

 Why did the plate whisper to the teacup? Because it didn't want to bowl over the conversation with its saucy humor—just like our dinner plates, always serving up a good laugh!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Lewis
Magical Dining Experience

Transform your dining experience into a magical one with the Stardust bone china dinner plates set. The unique pattern creates an enchanting ambiance, making every meal feel like a special occasion. It's a delightful and artistic choice for those who appreciate a touch of magic in their tableware.

James, Thank you for your feedback

Michael Wilson
Celestial Elegance

Add a touch of celestial elegance to your dining table with the Stardust bone china dinner plates. The artistic design enhances the overall dining experience, making it a delightful choice for those who seek dinnerware that combines celestial charm with practical functionality.

Michael, Thank you for your feedback

Robert White
Starry Nights on Your Table

Bring starry nights to your table with the Stardust bone china dinner plates set. The celestial pattern adds a touch of magic to your dining experience, creating a captivating and enchanting atmosphere. It's a delightful choice for those who appreciate unique and artistic dinnerware.

Robert, Thank you for your feedback

John Lewis
Elegance in Every Bite

Experience elegance in every bite with the Stardust bone china dinner plates. The celestial design not only enhances the presentation of your meals but also adds a sense of refinement to your dining table. It's a sophisticated choice for those who value both aesthetic appeal and practicality in their dinnerware.

John, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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