Texture "Made with Love" Sugar and Creamer Set: A Heartfelt Brew of Elegance and Affection

Stir in Affection with Every Spoonful and Pour

The "Made with Love" Sugar and Creamer Set from Texture brings minimalist charm and a heartfelt message to your tea time. Perfect for those who believe that the best ingredients in life are love and laughter, this set is sure to become a cherished part of your tea ritual.


  • Simple Yet Profound Design: With a sleek, white finish and a singular black heart, this set reminds us that love is the key ingredient in every recipe.

  • Inspirational Script: "Made with Love" inscribed on both pieces adds a personal touch that turns every tea into a tender gesture.

  • Modern Silhouette: The contemporary shapes of the sugar bowl and creamer provide a stylish edge to any tea service setup.

  • Whimsical Lid Handle: The sugar bowl features a unique heart-shaped knob, ensuring that love is quite literally at your fingertips.

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, this set is both sturdy for daily use and delicate in appearance.

  • Perfect Size for Sharing: Generous yet intimate, these pieces are ideal for serving loved ones or for a solitary cup of comfort.

  • Low Maintenance: The set is designed for ease, being dishwasher safe for quick cleanup after your moments of connection.

As the British say, "Keep calm and add some sugar." This set ensures you do it with a whole lot of love!

The Heart of Tea Time: Goodwoods British Market

At Goodwoods British Market, we believe that the best tea accessories bring not just functionality but also warmth and personality to your table. Our Texture "Made with Love" Sugar and Creamer Set is a prime example of our commitment to products that enrich your life with every use.

What did the sugar say to the cream? "We're the perfect blend!"

This set isn't just for sweetening your tea or adding cream; it's a daily reminder of the sweetness and richness in life. It's about celebrating the small moments that, when steeped in love, become the memories we cherish most.

Discover the full array of tea and tea accessories at Goodwoods British Market, where we've brewed up a collection that's sure to delight any tea enthusiast. Indulge in the tradition, enjoy the craftsmanship, and remember that every sip is better when it's "Made with Love." Cheers to that!

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