"Time for Tea" Canister: A Homely Hearth for Your Brew

 Embrace the essence of English charm with our "Time for Tea" Canister – the quintessential companion for every tea lover's kitchen.

  • Elegantly Embossed: The word "TEA" prominently displayed on the canister ensures no confusion during those early morning or late-night tea cravings.
  • Heartfelt Design: Each canister features a small heart above the label, symbolizing the love and warmth that a good cuppa can bring.
  • Sturdy and Sleek: Crafted with high-quality ceramic, this canister promises to be a long-standing sentinel for your tea leaves.
  • Loving Lid: The heart-shaped knob is not just cute; it ensures your tea remains as fresh as the day it was picked.
  • Perfectly Proportioned: Not too big, not too small, but just right for your favorite loose-leaf or bagged tea varieties.
  • Dimensions: Crafted to fit snugly on your shelf, counter, or in any cosy nook.
  • Material: Durable ceramic with a lustrous finish to withstand daily use.
  • Care Instructions: Wash with love and a bit of soapy water, air dry, and it’s ready for your next tea session.

Why Goodwoods British Market is the Bee's Knees: At Goodwoods British Market, we understand that a cup of tea is more than just a beverage; it's a cultural ritual. That's why we ensure our canister, like every product we offer, passes the 'cosy kitchen' test.

  • A Curated Collection: Every item, from canister to kettle, is selected with the discerning tea drinker in mind.
  • British Legacy: We serve up a slice of Britain with each product, infused with tradition and quality.
  • Cheeky Charm: They say laughter is the best medicine, but we say it's the second-best after tea. We serve both!
  • Personal Service: Our team prides itself on personal service that’s as warm and inviting as a steaming mug of Earl Grey.

So, whether you're a "milk first" or a "leaves second" kind of person, the "Time for Tea" Canister from Goodwoods British Market is your next kitchen essential. Because when it comes to tea, we Brits know our stuff, and we're not afraid to spill the tea on where to find the best tea accessories – at Goodwoods, of course, where every purchase comes with a dash of love and a sprinkle of British humour. Now, put the kettle on, will you? There's a new canister in town!

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William Hall
Elegant Tea Display

Display your favorite teas with elegance using the Textured Tea Medium Canister set of two. The timeless design and durable build make these canisters perfect for showcasing your tea collection. Goodwood's commitment to providing kitchen essentials that add a touch of sophistication is evident in this set, offering canisters that seamlessly blend style with functionality.

William, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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