White Gold Scallop Salad Plates - "Classic Contour" Collection

Elevate Your Dining with a Touch of Refined Grace

The "Classic Contour" Collection introduces the White Gold Scallop Salad Plates, a set of four that melds classic elegance with a hint of modern sophistication. These plates, featuring a scalloped edge and a delicate gold trim, bring a sense of refined grace to any meal, from a casual lunch to a formal dinner party.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Scalloped Design: The beautifully crafted scalloped edges provide a unique and sophisticated silhouette to each plate.
  • Subtle Gold Trim: A touch of gold along the rim adds a gentle opulence that complements the understated design.
  • Premium Porcelain Quality: Made from high-caliber porcelain, known for its durability, non-porosity, and high-gloss finish.
  • Perfectly Sized for Versatility: Ideal for salad courses, these plates also serve well for appetizers, desserts, or as a charming display.
  • Dishwasher Safe: These plates are designed for convenience, being dishwasher safe, although hand washing is suggested to maintain the gold detailing.
  • Part of a Larger Ensemble: Coordinate these plates with other pieces from the "Classic Contour" Collection for a harmonious table setting.

The White Gold Scallop Salad Plates from the "Classic Contour" Collection are sure to become a treasured part of your dining repertoire, bringing with them a tradition of beauty and quality.

Goodwoods British Market: The Pinnacle of Tea-Time and Dining Excellence

Goodwoods British Market is not just a store; it's a destination for those who savor the quality and tradition of British tea culture and dining elegance.

  • Handpicked Selection: We offer a wide array of tea-time and dining wares, from timeless classics to modern accents, all selected with an eye for quality and design.
  • Exemplary Craftsmanship: Our commitment to providing only the finest reflects the storied tradition of British hospitality and culinary arts.
  • Warm, Personalized Service: Our staff are dedicated to offering a shopping experience that is as personal and enjoyable as tea time itself.
  • Convenient Shopping Journey: Whether in-store or online, Goodwoods provides a seamless and pleasurable shopping experience that's as satisfying as the products we offer.

Goodwoods British Market is your trusted source for finding the perfect accompaniments to your tea-time and dining occasions.

These plates are so posh, you might find yourself speaking in a British accent just to match their refinement. And don't worry if you spill a bit of tea; it's just the plate's way of saying it wanted to try some too!

So do be a dear and visit Goodwoods British Market, where every piece we offer is as splendid as a royal wedding and as timeless as a good British comedy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mary Clark
Classic Dining Charm

Introducing classic dining charm with the White Gold Scallop salad plates (Set of 4). The plates' design and quality make them a charming and durable addition to any dining occasion.

Mary, Thank you for your feedback

John Johnson
Sophisticated Dining

Elevate dining with the White Gold Scallop salad plates (Set of 4). The sophisticated scallop design and white-gold combination create a luxurious and stylish atmosphere on the dining table.

John, Thank you for your feedback

William Wilson
Holiday Breakfast Delight

Delight in a holiday breakfast experience with the Organic Texture Santa, Reindeer, and Santa Sleigh Cereal Bowls Set of 4. The festive bowls bring joy to your morning routine, combining holiday charm with practicality. Goodwood's dedication to creating tableware that adds joy to meals is evident in this charming set.

William, Thank you for your feedback

Robert Lewis
Elegant Culinary Experience

Elevating the culinary experience with the elegant White Gold Scallop salad plates (Set of 4). The plates add a touch of sophistication to every meal, making dining a truly delightful experience.

Robert, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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