White Victorian Dessert Plates - "Lacework Legacy" Collection

Dine with the Delicacy of Lace and the Strength of Porcelain

Our "Lacework Legacy" Collection is proud to introduce the White Victorian Dessert Plates, a set of four that encapsulate the elegance of the Victorian era with the robustness of modern craftsmanship. The intricate lacework design around the edges of these plates adds a touch of grace and refinement to your dining experience, perfect for those moments that call for a flourish of sophistication.

Key Features:

  • Intricate Lace Design: The edges feature a delicate openwork pattern reminiscent of Victorian lace, bringing a vintage charm to your table.
  • Classic White Finish: The pristine white color provides a neutral yet elegant canvas for your dessert presentations.
  • Premium Quality Porcelain: Renowned for its durability and glossy sheen, the porcelain construction ensures these plates are a long-lasting addition to your tableware.
  • Perfectly Sized for Desserts: While ideal for serving sweet confections, these versatile plates can also be used for appetizers or as a charming backdrop for table decor.
  • Dishwasher Safe: These plates offer the convenience of being dishwasher safe, although to preserve the intricate detailing, hand washing is recommended.
  • Elegantly Packaged: The set comes beautifully boxed, making it an exquisite gift for any occasion or a treasured addition to your own collection.
  • Coordinate with Ease: The timeless design of these plates allows them to be effortlessly paired with various styles for a personalized tablescape.

Adorn your dining table with the White Victorian Dessert Plates from the "Lacework Legacy" Collection and enjoy the balance of beauty and functionality they bring to every meal.

Goodwoods British Market: Your Haven for Authentic Tea-Time and Dining Pleasures

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  • Pursuit of Perfection: We are committed to providing wares that reflect the storied quality and design synonymous with British craftsmanship.
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For connoisseurs of the tea-time ritual, Goodwoods British Market is your destination for accessories that bring a touch of British sophistication to your home.

These plates are so beautifully crafted, you may find yourself feeling guilty for covering them with cake. But fear not, the only thing these plates will hold against you is your sweets—and they promise to do so with the utmost elegance. And should your guests become too enamored with the design, gently remind them that, unlike the plates, staring is impolite.

Step into Goodwoods British Market, where every purchase is served with a side of heritage and a sprinkling of good-old British wit.

Customer Reviews

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James White
Classic Dessert Plates

These dessert plates exude classic elegance. The White Victorian design adds a timeless charm to desserts, making them a perfect choice for presenting cakes or pastries on special occasions, elevating the dessert-serving experience with their sophisticated appeal.

James, Thank you for your feedback

Linda White
Timeless Dessert Display

Create a timeless dessert display with these plates. The White Victorian design elevates the presentation of desserts, offering a sophisticated backdrop for cakes or sweets, adding an air of elegance to dessert serving that's sure to impress guests or loved ones.

Linda, Thank you for your feedback

William Brown
Versatile Plate Set

This set of dessert plates offers versatility and elegance. The White Victorian design enhances the visual appeal of desserts, making these plates a versatile addition for serving pastries or cakes during celebrations or intimate gatherings, adding a touch of refinement to the table setting.

William, Thank you for your feedback

Robert Lewis
Charming Table Addition

These dessert plates are a charming addition to any table. The White Victorian pattern brings grace to dessert presentations, making them an ideal choice for both everyday use and formal gatherings, adding a touch of sophistication to every dessert served on them.

Robert, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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