Classic London Charm Bone China Scallop Salad Plates - Set of 4

Infuse Your Meals with a Dash of London's Historical Elegance

Bring a slice of London's storied past to your table with the Classic London Charm Bone China Scallop Salad Plates. Adorned with iconic British imagery and infused with the legacy of London's famed National Portrait Gallery, these plates are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Key Features:

  • Exquisite British Iconography: The plates feature classic British symbols such as vibrant butterflies, a charming bluebird, and the timeless beauty of the yellow rose, England's national flower.

  • Vintage Aesthetic: Each plate boasts a scalloped edge, adding a touch of vintage flair reminiscent of the genteel elegance of a bygone era.

  • Superior Bone China Quality: Made from premium bone china, these plates offer a luxurious, yet durable dining experience.

  • Conveniently Dishwasher Safe: Melding classic charm with modern practicality, these plates are as easy to clean as they are delightful to use.

  • Set of Four: Ideal for hosting an intimate gathering or for everyday elegance, this set is a versatile addition to any collection.

Product Description:

The Classic London Charm Bone China Scallop Salad Plates are a tribute to the grandeur and finesse of historical London. Each plate is a canvas that celebrates the English capital's cultural richness, with detailed depictions of the bluebird and butterflies set amidst a flourish of roses and wildflowers.

The inclusion of the National Portrait Gallery's inscription not only adds to the visual appeal but also invokes the storied history of London's art scene. The delicate scallop edging frames the vivid imagery, inviting a bygone era's sophistication to your dining experience.

Whether you're serving a fresh garden salad or presenting hors d'oeuvres, these plates will elevate your meal with their historical charm and refined elegance. They are as well-suited to a display cabinet as they are to your dinner table, sure to become a talking point among guests.

Why Goodwoods British Market is the Crown Jewel for Tea Enthusiasts:

  • Authentic British Heritage: Goodwoods British Market prides itself on offering a range that embodies the true spirit of British tradition.

  • Extensive Tea Selection: Our catalogue boasts an array of teas and tea accessories, selected to complement the refined tastes of our clientele.

  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our staff extend the British virtue of warm hospitality, ensuring a personalized shopping experience.

  • Effortless Online Shopping: With a few clicks, our user-friendly website brings the elegance of Britain to your doorstep.

Opting for the Classic London Charm Bone China Scallop Salad Plates is akin to choosing a lifestyle steeped in British refinement and cultural appreciation. These plates do not just serve food; they serve stories, history, and tradition on a silver platter—or rather, on fine bone china.

Goodwoods British Market is your ultimate destination for all your tea and tea accessory needs. Just as tea is to Britain, so is Goodwoods to tea lovers—a blend of quality, tradition, and comfort.

To tickle your British funny bone: Why did the bluebird sit on the plate? It heard the salad was 'peck-tacular,' and just like our plates, it wanted to be part of the fine dining scene!

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