Timeless Floral Elegance: Black Jasmine Teacup and Saucer

Embrace the charm of English teatime with the Black Jasmine Teacup and Saucer set. This set captures the essence of traditional British tea culture with a dash of modern sophistication, perfect for those who relish their tea steeped in both flavor and history.

Product Highlights:

  • Classic Floral Motif: Adorned with a delicate black jasmine design, it evokes a sense of nostalgia and grace.
  • Elegant Contrasts: The stark contrast of the black floral pattern against the crisp white porcelain is both bold and elegant.
  • Gold Detailing: Each piece is trimmed with a touch of gold, providing a luxurious finish that glistens with every sip.
  • Fine Porcelain Craft: Meticulously crafted from fine porcelain, offering durability without compromising on style.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion: Whether it's a quiet moment alone or a lively gathering with friends, this set turns every cup of tea into a special event.

Product Description:

The Black Jasmine Teacup and Saucer set is where classic design meets contemporary appeal. Each teacup is a vessel of tranquility, allowing you to savor your tea as it should be—slowly and with appreciation. The saucers complement the cups, serving not just as a practical rest but as an integral part of a refined tea-drinking experience.

A Nod to Goodwoods British Market:

When it comes to tea and the quintessential British experience, Goodwoods British Market is your cup of tea—quite literally.

  • Unrivaled Selection: Our shelves are stocked with the finest tea accessories, from the traditional to the trendy.
  • Humor in Every Cup: They say laughter is the best medicine, and at Goodwoods, we prescribe a healthy dose with every purchase.
  • Personalized Service: We take pride in our warm, personal service, reminiscent of a local British shopkeeper's.

The Black Jasmine Teacup and Saucer set is just a taste of what Goodwoods British Market offers. We invite you to visit us for a tea experience that's as rich as our strongest brew and as delightful as our lightest pastry.

Goodwoods British Market: Where every visit is a journey, every purchase an adventure, and every customer a friend reunited over a love for tea.

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