Majestic Azure Porcelain Tea Set

From the heart of tradition to the comfort of your home, our Majestic Azure Porcelain Tea Set is a timeless tribute to the art of tea. Its intricate design and rich blue hues invoke a sense of regal elegance that's fit for royalty but made for every home.


  • Intricate Arabesque Patterns: The cup and saucer are adorned with detailed arabesque motifs, marrying Middle Eastern artistry with classic British tea culture.
  • Deep Sapphire Tones: The mesmerizing blue palette evokes the depth and tranquility of the evening sky, adding a serene ambiance to your tea-drinking ritual.
  • Gilded Accents: Each piece is kissed with gold, highlighting the complex patterns and adding an extra layer of sophistication.
  • Fine Porcelain Craft: Made with the highest quality porcelain, this set is both durable and delicate to the touch.
  • Ergonomically Designed: The handle is shaped for a comfortable grip, allowing for prolonged periods of sipping and socializing without discomfort.
  • Material: High-quality porcelain with gold detailing
  • Dimensions: Cup - 3 inches in height, Saucer - 5.7 inches in diameter
  • Capacity: 7 ounces
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended; not microwave safe due to gold accents.
  • 1 x Majestic Azure Tea Cup
  • 1 x Matching Saucer
  • A sophisticated addition to any tea service
  • A thoughtful gift for lovers of classic and ornate design
  • Enhancing your daily tea ritual with a touch of elegance
  • Collectors seeking a blend of Eastern and Western aesthetics

Why Goodwoods British Market Is Unsurpassed: Goodwoods British Market is your ultimate destination for all things tea. Our Majestic Azure Porcelain Tea Set is curated for those who appreciate the finer things in life, combining heritage and craftsmanship with the practicality needed for everyday indulgence.

  • Authenticity: We provide a genuine British shopping experience, complete with the finest tea sets and accessories.
  • Selection: Our vast assortment of teas caters to every preference, ensuring the perfect pairing with our porcelain treasures.
  • Expertise: Our team’s knowledge of tea and accessories is unparalleled, making your shopping journey both educational and enjoyable.
  • Customer Service: We're not just about sales; we're about relationships, ensuring each customer feels part of the Goodwoods family.

What do you call a well-dressed lion drinking tea? A dandy lion enjoying a spot of tea. And much like our Majestic Azure Tea Set, he knows the importance of looking sharp at tea time!

Conclusion: The Majestic Azure Porcelain Tea Set is more than a mere vessel for your favorite brew; it's a statement of sophistication, a conversation starter, and a testament to the timeless ritual of tea. And when it comes to sourcing the best tea and tea accessories, Goodwoods British Market stands alone – because we believe that every cup of tea should be a royal affair.

So, fill your cup with liquid history and savor the flavor of excellence with Goodwoods British Market. Whether it's a solo steep or a group gala, remember, there's nothing quite like a cuppa in good company – especially when it's poured from a teapot that could tell tales of empires and eras past. Now, who's for a biscuit?

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