Serenity Cherry Blossom Tea Set

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of springtime with the Serenity Cherry Blossom Tea Set. This exquisite set captures the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms against a serene blue sky, bringing the calm of a Japanese garden to your tea time.


  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Made from the finest porcelain, this set is both visually stunning and durably constructed.
  • Captivating Design: A gorgeous cherry blossom branch motif wraps elegantly around each cup and saucer, set against a rich turquoise backdrop.
  • Gold Accents: Delicate gold trim adds a touch of luxury, enhancing the set's sophistication.
  • Comfortable Handling: Thoughtfully designed with a comfortable grip, ensuring each sip is a pleasure.
  • Practical Elegance: Though they look dainty, these cups and saucers are dishwasher safe for easy care.

Product Description:

The Serenity Cherry Blossom Tea Set is not just a tea service; it's an art piece, a conversation starter, a way to bring the outside in. Each cup and saucer is a testament to the art of fine porcelain, with blooms in soft pinks and whites, complemented by the vivid turquoise glaze.

  • Optimal Capacity: Designed to hold the perfect amount of your favorite tea, these cups ensure a satisfying experience with every pour.
  • Mix and Match Friendly: While stunning on their own, these pieces can be paired with other tableware to create a bespoke setting.

Whether you're enjoying a quiet morning or entertaining guests, this tea set promises to be the highlight of your table, embodying both the gentle beauty of nature and the serenity of a well-brewed cup of tea.

Why Goodwoods British Market?

Goodwoods British Market is not just any store; it's a treasure trove for tea enthusiasts. Here's why it's the pinnacle of tea shopping:

  • Curated Selection: Goodwoods boasts an impressive array of teas and tea accessories, handpicked for quality and authenticity.
  • British at Heart: Every product at Goodwoods carries the essence of British culture, from robust black teas to elegant tea sets.
  • Customer Delight: The Goodwoods team is passionate about tea and eager to share that passion with warmth and wit.
  • Assured Quality: You can trust that anything you purchase from Goodwoods is of the highest quality, guaranteed to satisfy.

We at Goodwoods say, "Life's a bit like a tea bag. You never know how strong it is until it's in hot water." So why not ensure your tea bag is steeped in the finest cup? After all, we Brits believe that a proper tea cup can make even the most trying day just a spot better.

In summary, the Serenity Cherry Blossom Tea Set from Goodwoods British Market is more than just porcelain—it's a passport to a moment of peace, a tradition of elegance, and a daily ritual of reflection. Goodwoods doesn't just sell tea sets; it sells stories, memories, and an invitation to a world where tea is an art. So come for the tea, stay for the charm, and leave with a set that will blossom with each use. And if you spill a little, remember—that's just the cup's way of toasting to your good health. Cheers!

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Davis
Elegant Addition

The Blue Rose Blue Sugar and Creamer Set is a tasteful addition to any tea service. Its classic design and delicate blue roses bring an elegant touch to the table. Both the sugar bowl and creamer are well-designed, making pouring easy and storage convenient. The packaging was secure, ensuring safe delivery. For those seeking sophistication and practicality in their tea accessories, this set is a great choice.

Elizabeth, Thank you for your feedback

Robert Johnson
Classic Comfort

Experience classic comfort with the Cherry Blossom Blue Tea Cups and Saucers Set of 4. The timeless cherry blossom pattern on these tea cups adds a classic touch to your tea routine. Crafted for both beauty and comfort, these cups are a delightful addition to your kitchen. Sip your favorite tea with classic comfort using this set that effortlessly combines traditional charm with everyday practicality.

Robert, Thank you for your feedback

John White
Festive and Functional

This Snowman Chocolate Mugs Set perfectly blends festive charm with practical functionality. They are ideal for enjoying hot beverages during the holiday season. The packaging was secure, ensuring the mugs arrived in perfect condition. For those seeking a blend of holiday cheer and usability in their tableware, this set is an ideal and delightful option.

John, Thank you for your feedback

Michael Lee
Simple Elegance

The Cherry Blossom Blue Tea Cups and Saucers Set of 4 exude simple elegance. The delicate cherry blossom design adds a touch of sophistication without being too ornate. These tea cups and saucers are perfect for elevating your tea time with understated charm. Crafted with care, they are not just visually appealing but also comfortable to hold. Enjoy your tea in style with this set that seamlessly combines simplicity and grace.

Michael, Thank you for your feedback

William Wilson
Timeless Beauty

Discover timeless beauty with the Cherry Blossom Blue Tea Cups and Saucers Set of 4. The classic cherry blossom pattern adds a timeless touch to your tea experience. Crafted with attention to detail, these cups and saucers are not just about looks; they are also practical and suitable for everyday use. Savor your favorite tea in timeless beauty with this set that effortlessly combines classic aesthetics with modern functionality.

William, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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