Gold Pink Heart Glass Tea for One 5 Piece Set

 Cupid's Choice - Gold Pink Heart Tea For One Set

Infuse a touch of love into your tea rituals with the Gold Pink Heart Tea For One Set. Adorning your table with its charming pink hearts and whimsical swirls, this set is a loving nod to the romantic at heart. Perfect for those cosy moments when you wish to sip your tea with a side of affection.

Key Features:

  • Romantic Design: Swirling with pink hearts and delicate gold trim, this set captures the essence of love.
  • Complete Tea Ensemble: Includes a teapot, cup, saucer, and a dessert plate to sweeten your tea experience.
  • Transparent Teapot: A clear glass teapot lets you admire the steeping process, bringing a modern twist to the classic tea time.
  • Quality Materials: Crafted with fine glass and porcelain, offering both beauty and resilience.
  • Delightfully playful, this set turns any tea time into a celebration of love.
  • The gold accents on the rims add an elegant flair that's sure to catch the eye.
  • A generous teapot size ensures a hearty serving of your favorite brew.
  • The matching dessert plate encourages indulgence with your favourite sweet treat.
  • Care instructions: Hand wash recommended to preserve the gold details.
  • "This set's so pretty, it might just make the tea jealous. But don't worry, a good brew always stands out, even amidst hearts and gold!"

Goodwoods British Market's Promise:

At Goodwoods British Market, we understand that tea time is a cherished ritual. That's why we are committed to bringing you an exquisite collection to enhance this time-honoured tradition. The Gold Pink Heart Tea For One Set is just one of the many treasures you'll find in our store, where quality meets quintessential British charm.

The Gold Pink Heart Tea For One Set is not just a teaware, it's a statement of love — for tea, for beauty, for those quiet moments that we treasure. And when it's time to complement your collection with the finest teas and accessories, look no further than Goodwoods British Market, your one-stop shop for all things splendidly British.

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