Butterfly Garland Tea Cup and Saucer Set

Where Delicate Beauty and Refined Tea Culture Meet

The Butterfly Garland Tea Cup and Saucer Set is a celebration of intricate design and tea-time tradition. Adorned with a garland of butterflies and blooms, this set brings the whimsical charm of an English garden to your table.

Product Features:

  • Premium Quality Porcelain: Crafted from fine porcelain, renowned for its durability and a smooth, glossy finish.
  • Elegant Butterfly and Floral Design: Beautifully illustrated butterflies flit amongst garlands of flowers, creating a stunning visual appeal.
  • Pastel Pink Palette: The soft pink background offers a soothing and feminine touch to the intricate design.
  • Gilded Embellishments: Accented with gold detailing along the rims and cup handle for a luxurious touch.
  • Perfect for Entertaining: This set includes four cups and saucers, making it ideal for hosting tea parties or special gatherings.

Detailed Product Description:

The Butterfly Garland Tea Cup and Saucer Set invites you to a refined experience with each cup of tea. The delicate artwork, featuring butterflies in mid-flight and florals in full bloom, wraps around the cup and extends onto the saucer, creating a harmonious and captivating scene.

The cups are designed with comfort in mind, featuring an elegantly shaped handle that allows for a secure and graceful hold. The saucers provide the perfect resting place for the cups, as well as a protective base for your surfaces. This set is not just a functional item but a piece of art that enhances the beauty and pleasure of tea drinking.

One must be prepared for the occasional butterfly landing in one's tea – it's the risk one takes when using a set this enchanting. But not to worry, it's simply nature's way of complimenting your exquisite taste in tableware.

Why Goodwoods British Market is the Ultimate Tea Companion:

Goodwoods British Market is the treasure chest for all tea enthusiasts. Our Butterfly Garland Tea Cup and Saucer Set is a testament to our love for the art of tea. We offer a collection that embodies the grace and charm of British tea culture, ensuring every tea lover finds the perfect accompaniment to their cherished ritual. For those who seek not just a cup, but an escape into the elegance of a bygone era, Goodwoods British Market is your one-stop destination. Step through our doors and be transported to a world where every sip is steeped in history and every piece tells a story of timeless beauty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William Clark
Tea Time Bliss

Indulging in tea time bliss with this set. The cups are not only visually pleasing but also practical in size. The saucers add an extra touch of elegance. Highly recommended.

William, Thank you for your feedback

Robert Wilson
Quality Craftsmanship

I appreciate the quality craftsmanship of this tea set. The cups and saucers are well-made, and the pink butterflies add a touch of whimsy. Excellent value for money.

Robert, Thank you for your feedback

Elizabeth White
Elegant and Dainty

An elegant and dainty tea set that brings joy to every sip. The butterfly motif is tastefully done, making it a visual delight. A lovely gift for tea enthusiasts.

Elizabeth, Thank you for your feedback

John Johnson
Charming Tea Set

This tea set is simply charming. The pink butterfly design is delightful, and the cups are the perfect size. A lovely addition to my afternoon tea ritual.

John, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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