English Rose Tea Cup and Saucer Set

Indulge in a Blooming Brew with Classic English Elegance

The English Rose Tea Cup and Saucer Set beckons you to partake in the quintessential British tea experience, surrounded by the romantic allure of a rose garden. This set is a delicate ode to the timeless rose, capturing the essence of English charm in fine porcelain.

Product Features:

  • Exquisite Porcelain Craftsmanship: Crafted from superior porcelain for enduring elegance and resilience.
  • Classic English Rose Design: Adorned with a lovely array of English roses in full bloom, radiating with soft pinks and vibrant red hues.
  • Graceful Shape and Style: The cups feature a gentle, curved design with a comfortable handle, perfect for leisurely sipping.
  • Coordinated Saucer Set: Each cup comes with its matching saucer, beautifully continuing the rose motif and completing the look.
  • Ideal for Afternoon Tea: Complete with four cups and saucers, this set is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a solitary, reflective cup of tea.

Lavish Product Description:

The English Rose Tea Cup and Saucer Set is a tribute to the garden's most celebrated bloom. Each cup is generously adorned with the classic beauty of the English rose, inviting you to savor your favorite tea amid a floral embrace. The saucers echo the cups' design, creating a symphony of flowers that will make any tea time a refined event.

The design is not just about aesthetics but also about function. The cups are shaped for a comfortable grip, and the saucers are ample enough to accompany a tea biscuit or sugar cube, making this set a harmonious addition to any tea service.

Perfect for those who like their tea steeped in tradition, and perhaps a petal or two of English humor. Because let's face it, nothing says 'fancy a cuppa?' quite like a rose-adorned tea set.

Goodwoods British Market is the epitome of British tea culture. Our English Rose Tea Cup and Saucer Set epitomizes the elegance and charm that we're dedicated to offering. We understand that a great cup of tea isn't just about the blend; it's about the atmosphere, the company, and the very cup from which it's sipped. For those who seek to capture the spirit of a British tea room, Goodwoods British Market is unmatched. Here, every piece tells a story, and every purchase connects you to a heritage of tea that's as rich as it is delightful. Step into Goodwoods, and step into a world where every tea time is a celebration of refinement and beauty.

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