Regal Scroll Tea for One Set

Elegance in Every Detail The Regal Scroll Tea for One Set is a masterpiece of opulence and design, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Adorned with scrolling gold filigree and set against a soft pink backdrop, this set brings the grandeur of stately homes to your tea time.


  • Exquisite Gold Scrollwork: Intricate gold patterns twirl elegantly around the set, providing a touch of royal charm.
  • Soft Pink Palette: The blush pink color offers a gentle contrast to the bold gold, creating a set that's both striking and delicate.
  • Superior Porcelain Make: Crafted from the highest quality porcelain, known for its strength and sublime finish.
  • Functional and Fashionable: The design marries form and function, with the teapot sitting securely atop the teacup, making for an attractive and space-saving feature.
  • Comprehensive Set: Includes a teapot, teacup, and saucer, plus a matching lid, for a full, luxurious tea-drinking experience.

This tea set isn't just a vessel for brewing; it's a tribute to timeless taste, to the art of enjoying life's simple pleasures amidst the rush of the modern world.

Exclusively from Goodwoods British Market: Offered with pride by Goodwoods British Market, the Regal Scroll Tea for One Set exemplifies our commitment to excellence and our love for the storied British tradition of tea.

  • Embodiment of Elegance: Our collection represents the epitome of elegance, each item carefully selected for its aesthetics and quality.
  • Uncompromising Quality: We offer nothing but the finest, ensuring that you receive products that meet our strict standards.
  • A Selection as Rich as Tea History: Our range caters to all preferences, providing a selection as rich and varied as the history of tea itself.
  • Service Fit for Royalty: Our staff provides service that's as personal and warm as a pot of freshly brewed tea.

Why don't we tell secrets over tea? Because even the teacups have ears!

For the most exquisite tea and tea accessories, make Goodwoods British Market your destination. We're not just a retailer; we're a haven for those who understand that the ritual of tea is an experience to be cherished. Whether you're seeking a bold brew or a gentle infusion, we invite you to find the perfect accompaniment to your tea table at Goodwoods. So come on in, and let's share a pot of tea and perhaps a chuckle or two, because after all, isn't that what tea is all about? Cheers to that!

Customer Reviews

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James Hall
Elegant Tea Companion

The Pink Gold Scroll Tea for One set is an elegant companion for tea lovers. The design is graceful, the set is well-crafted, and the porcelain feels delicate yet durable. A wonderful addition to personal tea experiences or as a thoughtful gift.

James, Thank you for your feedback

Michael Clark
Graceful and Practical Set

This tea set is both graceful and practical. The Pink Gold Scroll design adds elegance, while the set's functionality shines through its well-proportioned cups and the durable porcelain material. Ideal for enjoying a peaceful cup of tea.

Michael, Thank you for your feedback

Linda White
Charming Design, Functional Set

This tea set with the Pink Gold Scroll design boasts both charm and functionality. The set is well-proportioned, easy to use, and the quality of porcelain is evident. A charming set perfect for personal tea moments or gifting.

Linda, Thank you for your feedback

Linda Hall
Tea Time Essential

This tea and coffee pot is now a staple in my tea time routine. The design is simple, the handle is ergonomic, and it pours without any drips. A true tea time essential.

Linda, Thank you for your feedback

Mary Clark
Stylish Tea Enjoyment

Enjoying tea becomes a stylish affair with this Pink Gold Scroll Tea for One set. The design is delightful, the set is well-made, and the porcelain feels both stylish and sturdy. A fantastic addition for elevating the pleasure of tea time.

Mary, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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