Majestic Peacock Garden Tea Set

Steeped in Splendor: A Teatime Odyssey with the Regal Bird

The Majestic Peacock Garden Tea Set is where grandeur meets the gentle art of tea. This set is a tribute to the peacock, a symbol of beauty and immortality, adorned with the vibrant colors and intricate designs that capture the essence of these noble birds.

Product Features:

  • Exquisite Porcelain Artistry: Each piece is crafted from fine porcelain, offering a flawless canvas for the stunning artwork.
  • Vivid Peacock Illustration: The cups and saucers feature a resplendent peacock amidst a floral garden, bringing the vibrancy of nature to your table.
  • Rich Maroon and Opulent Gold: A deep maroon backdrop sets the stage for the peacock's colorful display, accented by opulent gold trims and flourishes.
  • Generous Size: The set includes latte-sized cups, perfect for those who enjoy a more substantial serving of tea or coffee.
  • Complete Set for Four: Ideal for hosting, this set serves up to four people, allowing you to share this luxurious experience with friends and family.

Detailed Product Description:

Every aspect of the Majestic Peacock Garden Tea Set is designed with an eye for detail. The peacock, with its full plumage on display, is depicted with a life-like attention to detail, surrounded by lotus flowers that are symbols of purity and enlightenment—perfect companions to the peacock’s majesty.

The cups are a comfortable weight in the hand, with handles that are both beautiful and practical. The saucers are not mere platforms but integral parts of the visual experience, echoing the design of the cups with a harmonious blend of color and pattern.

This set is perfect for those days when you want your tea to be a 'show-off'. And while we can’t promise that the peacock's legendary vanity will rub off on you, we can assure you your teatime will be nothing short of spectacular.

Why Goodwoods British Market is Your Cup of Tea (and Saucer):

Goodwoods British Market is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a celebration of the rich tapestry that is British teatime culture. Our Majestic Peacock Garden Tea Set is carefully selected to embody the spirit of elegance and tradition that our customers cherish. We are committed to bringing you not just tea and accessories but a full sensory experience. For those who demand nothing less than the extraordinary for their tea ceremonies, Goodwoods British Market is the purveyor of choice. Visit us, and let every sip transport you to a world of beauty and tradition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Patricia Lee
Stylish and Functional

These cups and saucers strike the perfect balance between style and functionality. The Pink Peacock Lotus Garden pattern adds style, while their practical size makes them suitable for lattes, tea, or any hot beverage. They're a great addition to any modern kitchen.

Patricia, Thank you for your feedback

Linda Davis
Vibrant Latte Set

This vibrant latte cup and saucer set bring a burst of color to coffee time! The Pink Peacock Lotus Garden design is eye-catching, and the set's size is perfect for savoring a latte or a comforting cup of tea. It's a cheerful addition to any morning routine.

Linda, Thank you for your feedback

Michael Hall
Colorful Morning Vibes

Infuse your mornings with colorful vibes using this cup and saucer set. The Pink Peacock Lotus Garden design brings a sense of energy and positivity to your coffee or tea moments, making them more enjoyable and adding a vibrant touch to your kitchen.

Michael, Thank you for your feedback

John White
Cheerful Coffee Accessories

Add cheerfulness to your coffee moments with this delightful cup and saucer set. The Pink Peacock Lotus Garden design uplifts the mood, making morning coffee rituals even more enjoyable. It's a lovely gift or a personal treat for coffee lovers.

John, Thank you for your feedback

Customer Reviews

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