Whimsical Snowman Tea Cup and Saucer Set

Warm up your winter days with a delightful cup of tea from our Whimsical Snowman Tea Cup and Saucer Set. This charming set is a must-have for anyone who enjoys the comfort of a steaming cuppa with a side of joyous spirit.

Key Features:

  • Delightful Design: Each cup and saucer features a playful snowman motif, complete with festive attire and a flurry of delicate snowflakes. The scenes are framed by elegant gold trim, adding a touch of sparkle to your tea time.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made from fine porcelain, this set is as durable as it is beautiful, with a high resistance to chipping and cracking. It’s perfect for everyday use or special holiday gatherings.
  • Comfortable Handling: The teacup is designed with a user-friendly handle, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip as you sip your favorite blend.
  • Ideal Size: The cup is sized to hold a generous serving of your chosen beverage, while the saucer is spacious enough to accommodate a few biscuits or a spoonful of sugar.

Our Snowman Tea Cup and Saucer Set is steeped in the cherished British tradition of tea drinking. It brings not just warmth to your hands but also a dash of British charm to your home. Ideal for those cosy afternoons when all you want is a bit of peace and a good ‘cuppa’.

Not to put 'icing on the cake', or rather 'snow on the snowman', but this set is known to occasionally 'freeze' a conversation with its 'cool' presence. It's the perfect 'icebreaker' for any gathering, ensuring that your guests are 'snowed' under with its charm!

Complete your winter tea set with a range of accessories from Goodwoods British Market. From classic tea blends that warm the soul to festive cookies that sweeten the season, Goodwoods has everything you need to enhance your tea-drinking experience.

At Goodwoods British Market, we pride ourselves on offering a 'proper' British shopping experience. Our shelves are stocked with the finest teas and accessories, selected with care to ensure you get the best quality with every purchase.

So, when the weather outside is frightful, but the tea is so delightful, there's only one place to go - Goodwoods British Market. Because let's face it, nobody likes a cold cup of tea, and at Goodwoods, we serve nothing but the 'hottest' products!

Pour yourself a cup of holiday cheer with our Whimsical Snowman Tea Cup and Saucer Set, and let Goodwoods British Market be your first choice for all things tea. After all, in a world full of coffee drinkers, be a tea-lover. Cheers!

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